The First Trans Hero From 'Queer Eye' Is Living His Best Life


Spoilers ahead for the fifth episode of Queer Eye Season 2. Episode 5 of the new season of Queer Eye is a tearjerker, to say the least. The hero of the episode is a transgender man named Skyler, and his time with the Fab Five seems to change them as much as it changes him — Tan says Skyler is the first trans person he's ever met. So where is Skyler from Queer Eye now? His episode kicked off with an emotional opening that found the Fab Five watching Skyler undergo top surgery (the removal of the breasts), and he was only six weeks post-op when they knocked on his front door. Now, Skyler's recovery continues, but it seems he's also had a lot to celebrate since meeting Karamo, Bobby, Tan, Antoni, and Jonathan.

As mentioned in his Queer Eye episode, Skyler is an events manager at the University of Georgia by day, but he also performs as a drag king. He's very involved in LGBTQ activism in his community near Atlanta, and his Instagram page speaks to that — his bio identifies him as a public speaker, activist, mentor, coordinator, and entertainer. Skyler proved to be the life of the party on the show when he celebrated his top surgery at his favorite bar with all of his friends. "Without all of them kind of rallying behind me ... I wouldn't have been able to get my top surgery," he said on the show. The community around him helped Skyler raise $8,000 for his operation.

Skyler said on Queer Eye that he experienced some pretty major complications with the anesthesia during the operation, which created a need for follow-up procedures and more recovery time. According to social media, Skyler is still recovering physically, but if his upbeat, heartfelt posts are any indication, he's keeping it positive — and taking time to encourage others along the way.

Skyler has made it a point to be open online about his transition journey. He regularly posts photo updates and recovery progress, noting that although the process may not be easy, it's been completely worth it to him. "There is no magic wand that fixes everything when it comes to transitioning," he wrote in August 2017. "But I can definitively say that even despite the extra thousands I have to spend, and all the pain I went through that I feel better than ever mentally and can't believe my life is finally mine and not a constant labor for my transition."

On May 30, Skyler echoed those feelings in a powerful update. "The road to physical healing has been long and rough for me and unfortunately that journey still has not come to a close," he wrote. "But it’s been so worth it because the road to mental healing was so apparently evident so quickly post op that it’s been nothing short of a life changing experience for me. The mind space and mentally [sic] clarity that I now have is mind blowing to me. I feel like I’ve been unlocked."

Throughout his healing process, Skyler has found time for his community. He's remained involved in LGBTQ activism and fundraising and continues to uplift everyone who has supported him — including his longtime inspiration Todrick Hall, who surprised him by showing up at his house on the show. On May 21, Skyler posted a tribute to Hall, featuring photos of the two together at Hall's Forbidden Tour.

"Thank you for inspiring me on the daily, as an entertainer and an activist," Skyler wrote. "Having you look down from the stage and make a connection with me and sing to me every single time I come to your shows means the world to me."

Now, after marking his birthday on June 4, Skyler is celebrating PRIDE month and joining his fellow Geminis in embracing the season of their astrological sign. "Shout out to all the Queer Gemini’s," Skyler wrote. "Let’s run this season like we do!" No matter what he does next, it seems Skyler will continue inspiring those around him long beyond this season.