This 'Queer Eye' Hero Is Crushing It As A Young Mayor

by Rebecca Patton
Courtesy of Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 2, Episode 8. "Georgia" and "progressive" don't often go hand in hand on Queer Eye, but the description applies to the hero of the Season 2 finale — and, it seems, to the town he serves. Ted Terry, the 34-year-old mayor of Clarkston, Georgia, was nominated by his longtime girlfriend, Andrea (or the Mayoress, as he likes to call her). While he is passionate about his job, Ted's sloppy style was getting in the way of his mayoral duties. But after Jonathan shaved off his significant beard and Tan updated his mostly 10-year-old wardrobe, Ted looked like a professional yet approachable politician. As for where Ted from Queer Eye is now, it looks like he's still crushing it on the mayoral front.

But first, it's imperative to discuss the beard — or "resistance beard," as Ted affectionately called it, which is the subject of much discussion in the episode. "It's a flavor saver," Ted explained. "So it just picks up whatever you eat or drink." And while he was fond of the facial hair at the start of the episode, it was clear to everyone else that it had to go. So go it did, prompting Jonathan to say things like, "You're giving me major Jake Gyllenhaal vibes right now, except for blond, but I love that," as he worked.

Courtesy of Netflix

As viewers see in the episode, Ted works from home. At first, his office seemed to be wherever he wanted it to be, but Bobby wisely recommended separating the two parts of his life. "Always make sure you put your work life — even if it's at home — behind a door that can close," he advised. Bobby gave Ted an office, and what was once Andrea's yoga room became a very grown-up looking dining room, complete with a table.

While Bobby, Tan, and Jonathan worked on the aesthetics, Antoni taught Andrea and Ted how to host a dinner party, which came into play at the end of the episode. Karamo, meanwhile, helped Ted with his speech-giving skills, making him rap battle against Joe, the Georgia state champion at speech.

Luckily, the Fab Five's hard work appears to have paid off, as Ted won reelection on Nov. 7, 2017. "Honored to serve for another 4 years," the young mayor wrote on his public Facebook page, celebrating a 59 percent victory and thanking the city of Clarkston. As for his resistance beard, it appears to have grown back, probably to Jonathan's chagrin. Ted's facial hair does at least look much more maintained now.

And it seems as though Mayor Ted Terry is doing good work for his city. As mentioned in the episode, he has raised the town's minimum wage to $15/hr and has even decriminalized marijuana possession (Clarkston is the first city in Georgia to do so on both fronts, according to Clarkton's website). Ted's Twitter account is active and is mostly filled with political retweets on matters like diversity and renewable energy.

He's got a cleaner look now, but the young mayor was making headlines long before his Queer Eye debut. Ted was even profiled by The Economist in 2016. His girlfriend, Andrea, has also gotten into local politics and was elected to City Council in November. "This victory and the new energy, drive, and dedication we will bring to the city will keep Clarkston on a path of innovative and progressive policy reforms," she said on her Rally.org page.

With their passion for changing local politics — and Ted's slick new style —it seems there's nothing standing in the way of this forward-thinking pair.