Where Is Themyscira? The 'Wonder Woman' Island Is A Mystical Dream

Before fighting in the war against evil, Wonder Woman dwelled in a majestic place called Themyscira. A fictional, moon-shaped city created by the character's creator, William Moulton Marston, it might seem mysterious, but actually, where Themyscira is located makes a whole lot of sense. The island is amongst the Aeagen sea, an embayment of the Mediterranean Sea located between the Greek and Anatolian peninsulas, according to Fandom, and it gives both Diana and her fellow Amazons their unique accents.

Fans first saw Wonder Woman's birthplace in DC comics back in 1941. The island has more than just gorgeous ancient Greek architecture and lush foliage. It's also a place where women reign. This Greek wonder is home to the Amazons ,where only women are present and where peace and love occur without the acknowledgement of typical gender roles. This makes for a feminist queer dream come true, as according to Movie Pilot, terms like bisexual or lesbian don't exist. Things just are. Themyscira is not only Wonder Woman's birthplace, it's a marker for LGBTQ presence in DC comics.

Visually, Themyscira has taken different shapes over the past 75 years in comics, video games, and animated projects. Movie Pilot shows notes how it's gone from lush foliage to a 2002 futuristic rework by artist Phil Jimenez that looks a lot like a place you'd find George Jetson. It's been home for battles like the one with Hypolyte and Hercules, where Hypolyte took the win, as noted by Comicbook DB. It's also where Wonder Woman's character took shape from adolescence, aas the tranquil beauty she grew up around instilled a sense of kindness and peaceful nature.

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It will be interesting to see Wonder Woman on the big screen and the land of Themyscira enhanced from its original state for a 2017 audience. If I could purchase a one way ticket to this island, I'd book in a heartbeat. LGBTQ equality, tranquility, and powerful women — sold.