Here's Where To Buy Maisie Williams' Epic T-Shirt

Given the current climate in the United States, it's always awesome to see celebrities sharing their own political leanings — especially when they're in accordance with your own. Maisie Williams may have given us some insight into her own feelings with this incredible "A Girl Has No President T-shirt," complete with Game of Thrones vibes and the ultimate feminist house sigil.

Update: The photo below appears to have been altered to make it look like Williams is wearing the "A Girl Has No President Shirt." The original image — in which she is not — can be found here.

For those who don't watch the show, here's some background: On Game of Thrones, Williams' character Arya Stark is probably the most feminist of the lot (close seconds include Brienne of Tarth and the freshly woke Sansa, of course). Arya witnesses her father's horrific execution and, instead of letting it consume her, remains strong and heads to Braavos to learn how become an assassin and exact revenge on everyone who has ever hurt her. During her training to become one of Braavos' legendary Faceless Men, Arya must repeatedly deny her previous identity — hence, "a girl has no name."

A Girl Has No President T-Shirt, $25, Etsy

The T-shirt that Williams appears to be wearing in a fan's recent Tweet is an epic riff on that Thrones fan-favorite phrase (and a topical one at that). The shirt has the Venus symbol for womanhood, and the phrase "A Girl Has No President." Check it out:

A similar version of the shirt can be purchased on Etsy, from the NastyWomanClothing store. Right now, it looks like it's only available in red, but it's still pretty badass.

A Girl Has No President T-Shirt, $25, Etsy

This is an awesome way to make a statement — both about your political ideations and your Thrones fandom. Grab one while you still can, because as it turns out, the night is dark and full of terrors.