These T-Shirts Have A Hidden Feminist Message

If you've ever wanted to wear a shirt with your thoughts blazoned across the front — especially of the NSFW variety — now you can with a T-shirt from She-Shirts.

According to Rebecca Lown and Donna Klimkiewicz, the two friends behind the NYC-based company, the shirts are "wearable artwork, in a sexy and feminine style, with a secret empowering message." Which is, of course, the totally awesome part.

The shirts come in classic, tank, and slouchy styles for $40, and look fairly benign at first glance. Just your typical comfy T, perfect for strollin' around town. But once you step in front of a mirror, a secret super feminist message is revealed. Hidden in backward "elegant swirly" font are phrases like "My Pussy Is Genius" and "I Love My Pussy."

Unless you really study it, or are also standing in front a mirror, it's pretty much impossible to decipher. But it still serves as a positive personal message, as well as one that can subtly infiltrate society.

In fact, as Lown tells me, that's what sparked the brand. "The idea came about because of how many messages we as women pick up in a day about ourselves," she says. "Most of them [are] unwanted, [and] most of them disempowering. So how in this culture do we begin to control what messages we absorb?" Well, these t-shirts are a great place to start.

A She-Shirts t-shirt would be the perfect thing to wear to the Women's March, whenever you feel like subtly sticking it to the man, or when you simply need a reminder that you're a-mazing.

Pretty genius, right?

The message is only revealed when you look in the mirror.

Such a great idea.