This Lipstick Was Made Just For Cancers, But All Signs Will Want To Wear It

by Kali Borovic

If you're having a little trouble picking a favorite lipstick this month, this brand is back yet again to help out. Bite Beauty's Cancer Astrology Lipstick is here, and it's a color that just about every sign will love. Unlike the quirkier colors in the collection, Cancer is sticking to a neutral color. There's a good reason why the brand decided to stick to a staple for the shade, too.

Before you get too sucked into the shade, there are a few things that you should know. Bite Beauty's Cancer lipstick will be limited edition and available on June 21 to purchase on the Sephora or Bite Beauty website. Plan your summer accordingly.

Okay, not for the fun part. Cancer is pink-based nude that is perfect for just about every summer situation. It's got just enough color to make a look pop without being too bold. There's a strategic reason that Bite Beauty went a little bit more subtle for this shade.

According to the press release, Cancer "is a is a water sign, ruled by the feminine moon. Cancers are among the most nurturing, caring signs of the zodiac. This sign is known for making others feel safe and secure but can also come off as mysterious. Find them cultivating their own momfluencer following, opening a bed-and-breakfast, or taking generous time for self-care."

Courtesy Bite Beauty

Nothing says safe and secure like a neutral lipstick. No matter who you are or what sign, there's a good chance that this will be your new go-to lippie. It matches just about any summer makeup look you can dream up. The brand calls is a safe-but-sexy neutral, which is completely on-point.

This lipstick might be a little more subtle than the other colors so far, but there are some similarities. First off, the price is the same as all the others. You can purchase the Cancer lipstick for $26 on the Sephora and Bite Beauty website.

Like mentioned before, this is a limited edition shade though. The first three shades sold out just hours that it hit the website. Bite Beauty mentioned that they upped the stock for their fourth and fifth shades, since people liked the collab so much. That didn't stop them from selling out just as fast though.

Also like all of the other shades, the color was choosen by a psychic. Yes, really. Because these colors really are written in the stars. According to the press release, Tara Green is a professional psychic astrologer tarot tea and lipstick reader. She also leads workshops on the mystic arts specializing Goddess spirituality.

Green worked with the brand to come up with the perfect shade for every single sign. She's not giving any of them away though. You have to wait until the designated month to find out which shade you get for your sign. Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy any of the previous colors if you missed them though.

The brand also told Bustle that they will not be bringing all of the shades back for the end of the year, either. That means that you won't be able to buy the set all together unless you buy every single one. Seeing as half the collection is already out, you might want to start now before you miss them all.

Courtesy Bite Beauty

Seeing as this shade is so wearable, there's a good chance it will sell out even faster than the others. Especially since it looks great on a almost all skin tones. Get your $26 set aside and set an alarm on your phone, because this is one shade that you won't want to miss.