Cadbury Oreos Are Being Sold In The UK Right Now & Your Snack Cupboard NEEDS Them

by Aoife Hanna

Who doesn't love a mash up? You know, mixing together great things to make an altogether better product. Cadbury is a brand that loves to team up with other confectioners to remix delicious treats. From Cadbury Dairy Milk with Ritz biscuits to Creme Egg Heinz Mayo. Ok, maybe that one wasn't so delicious. But news that Cadbury chocolate can now be found smothered all over Oreos is like, wow. So where can you buy Cadbury Oreos because this sounds like a match made in heaven.

Well guys, the good news is not only do they exist but also they are super easy to get your hands on. For a mere £2 you can get a box of joy from all major supermarkets. Lit! The boxes come with four little individually wrapped packs of two for you to share. Just kidding, for you to hide from your partner/housemates/family/colleagues. As a rule of thumb it is actually better to try and be a generous and sharing person. The whole sharing is caring thing should really apply even in adulthood. I know, annoying.

The move to create this joyous product was actually a bit of in-house production because the two brands are owned by an umbrella company, Mondelēz. The company is a confectionary giant and also owns Milka, Ritz, and Toblerone. So yes they really are the absolute best. And one might say, they are the illuminati of the chocolate world.

So clearly the Cadbury people talked to the Oreo people while the fairy choc mother Mondelēz watched on, probably eating a snack at the time.

According to Cosmopolitan, the team over at Cadbury HQ are super happy about the new product. In fact, speaking about it in a press release, they said it's really all about their brand new collaboration, making it clear that this unique product will blow your mind.

"[The biscuit] offers the biscuity deliciousness of Oreo completely covered in iconic Cadbury chocolate to give a taste like no other."

Joanna Dias, senior brand manager at Mondelēz International spoke about the launch, showing that her role as fairy choc mother is all about the consumers.

"We're thrilled to launch Oreo Cadbury Coated. We wanted to give our fans an even more delicious version of the much-loved cookie we all know so well and offer them a brand new eating experience."

Oh my giddy aunt. Considering that they have all sorts of other Oreo and Cadbury hybrids, why didn't they think of this sooner? I mean they have the likes of Oreo bites and even mint Oreo dairy milks.

Well it turns out that this isn't the first time they thought about it. Oh no, the Metro reports that they have been available in Australia since 2017. Which almost makes up for all of the terrifying beasts and poisonous creatures. OK, well maybe not but it certainly takes the edge off.

Best get down the local supermarket ASAP and stock up. And it's summer so stick them in the freezer for an extra special treat.