Where To Buy Edn WallGarden From 'Shark Tank' So You Can Easily Green Up Your Home

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If Shark Tank is supposed to show us the future of American business, it's never looked brighter than with this product featured in the Friday, Feb. 17 episode. But will ēdn be too futuristic for the Sharks? We'll have to wait and see what these millionaire and billionaire investors think of this innovative company, but if you immediately fall in love with it, you might be dying to know where you can buy ēdn WallGarden from Shark Tank when the episode is over.

I'll definitely get into all that, in addition to what makes ēdn so useful and cool in a little bit. But right now, I will say that it has way more to do with what the company's products actually do and not just with how its name is spelled, although that certainly helps.

Hopefully, the Sharks, which will include Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and Chris Sacca, will keep an open mind during Friday night's episode and will give the entrepreneur behind ēdn a chance as he introduces his product to the investors because it is a bit far out. But they probably wouldn't have been able to make their fortunes if they were narrow-minded and didn't always think about the future themselves, now could they have?

Well, if nothing else, Im pretty jazzed about learning about a company like ēdn for the first time, and I hope that you are, too.

It'll Make You Feel Like You're In 'The Martian'


Do you wish you could have a beautiful garden but either don't have the outdoor space or just aren't a fan of things like dirt and bugs? Well, then ēdn's products are for you! This company makes and sells indoor gardens that help your plants grow with technology — no real sun, fertilizer, or soil needed. Upon hearing this, my mind immediately went to all the "fun" Matt Damon's character had trying to grow food to survive in The Martian.

It Works Like A Computer

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Right now, ēdn's products include its SmallGarden, which is a tray that allows you to grow 12 plants. In order to do so, you just place the dirtless SeedPods into the tray, place the seeds into the SeedPods, add water and plant food only every other week, and plug in the SmallGarden so that its automated LED lights can help your greens grow, according to the company's website.

There's also a WallGarden, which features two shelves that allow you to grow 14 different plants at a time, ēdn's website says. The WallGarden works similarly to the SmallGarden, but it also uses software to manage and schedule the watering, feeding, and lighting of the garden. The WallGarden syncs with a mobile app that allows you to maintain your plants and make adjustments to your garden.

You Can Make Your Garden Grow Now

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If you're digging (get it?) ēdn's products, you're in luck. The SmallGarden is available for purchase now for $149.99 through the company's official online store. You'll have to wait a little bit longer for the WallGarden to be in bloom, because this product is slated to ship in Spring 2017, according to ēdn's official online store. The WallGarden will sell for $499 when it does become available for purchase. You can also find some other fun plant products in ēdn's official shop, such as SeedPods (from $9.50), capillary mats (from $2.50), and plant food ($6.50).

It's Made In The USA

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Purchasing ēdn's products means supporting American manufacturing. The company's products are "proudly made in Colorado," according to its website. The SmallGarden is also "manufactured from sustainably harvested wood from Oregon and extruded aluminum from Texas," according to ēdn. Here's hoping ēdn can help grow a better future for the country.

The Founder's Expertise Isn't In Gardening

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The jury is out on whether or not ēdn founder Ryan Woltz actually has a green thumb, but he does have some major knowledge in engineering as a former project engineer for the Banks Construction Company, according to his LinkedIn page. Since ēdn is really about using engineering and technology to change the way we grow plants, it seems like Woltz has the perfect background to be the head of this company.

It's Gotten A Lot Of Love From The Startup Community

Several incubators and startup competitions have taken note of ēdn, which, I imagine was good practice for the company's future Shark Tank appearance. The company was chosen to be a part of the 2016 Techstars Boulder program, took second place in the Denver TC Meetup + Pitch-off in 2015, according to TechCrunch, and second place in Denver Startup Week's pitch competition last September.

Now here's hoping that ēdn can wow the Shark Tank investors, too.