This Primer Sold Out In ONE DAY At Ulta, So Add It To Your List Of Makeup Must-Haves

Courtesy of Flesh Beauty

That didn't take long at all. Inclusive and prestige beauty brand Flesh Beauty arrived online via Ulta on Sunday, June 24 with 40 shades of stick foundation, highlighters, lipsticks, and more in gloriously retro-look packaging. One product has proven most popular upon launch. Flesh Beauty's Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer is already sold out at Ulta, as reported by Allure.

Flesh's mission is to change the outdated notion of what "nude" makeup means. What is nude to one person is most certanly not nude to another, based on their own skin tone, their experience, and what their eyes perceive. Nude is a totally unique and subjective concept — and Flesh is aiming to change the idea that nude is just one shade. Because it's not! No nudes are created equal.

The Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer costs $32. This miracle serum is designed to be applied to smooth, clean skin — either under your makeup or over moisturizer. If you want to go bare-faced and fresh 'n' clean for summer, you can skip foundation altogether, apply the primer solo, and enjoy a dose of radiance. You will be more "you" that way!

The light and lustrous formula makes it a perfect addition your morning makeup routine. It adds just a touch of glow and leaves your skin looking and feeling like a smooth canvas prior to makeup application.

Courtesy of Ulta

The blue and purple photo-reflecting agents improve the appearance of dull skin, while the ingredients, like ProVitamin B5 and glycerin, keep skin hydrated and moist. The product description on the actual Flesh site is thus: "It makes your skin look almost as if you've gotten eight hours of sleep on a tropical island—fresh, smooth and radiant."

Yes, please!

If you previously labored under the illusion that face primer is an excessive and non-essential product, is more marketing hype than reality, and simply exists to add another step to your daily routine, think again!

Clearly, primers are needed and wanted by so many makeup users who don't view multiple steps as a chore. There are loads of primers on the market and many of them do different things. The Fresh Flesh version is serving a need. Plus, the fact that it can be used on its own and can stand alone is proof of its value.

It's easy to see why the product flew off the digital shelves when it dropped. It preps, primes, and promotes healthy skin. It's color-less — yet it assists whatever shade your nude foundation is. The primer helps you and your skin look its very best.

You can sign up for an email notification from Ulta when the Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer is restocked.

Courtesy of Flesh Beauty

Flesh Beauty, which was created by Allure founding editor Linda Wells and incubated via Revlon as a prestige, inclusive brand, will arrive at 510 Ulta locations on July 8. So you can shop the products in person, IRL, and in the, well, flesh!

At that time, you can scoop up a bottle of the best-selling primer. You can also test the 40 stick foundation hues and see which works best for your own skin tone and personal nude.

While Flesh is a prestige band, which means it's pricier and more high end than you average drugstore brand, it's totally affordable. Prices start at $18 and go as high as $38. So purchasing these products won't blow your entire budget. The costs of these cosmetics fall right in line with MAC, Lancome, Kylie Cosmetics, and Huda Beauty, for perspective.

There are 96 products available, including lip compacts, blushes, and eyeshadows. There are no liners or mascaras yet. But there is an eye and lip gloss pot that looks dewy and divine.

The brand will likely continue to expand but it already started out expansive with its inclusive foundation offerings. While the primer is currently sold out, there are plenty more Flesh Beauty products that deserve your time, attention, and skin.