Lotus Lovers Rejoice: Waitrose & Morrisons Are Selling The Cookie Butter Ice Cream

by Aoife Hanna
Originally Published: 
Lotus Biscoff

In a time when everything feels like a bit of a mess, politically at least, it's always good to know we've got ice cream. And news that Lotus Biscoff, whose trademark speculoos is slowly wrapping it's biscuity and delicious tendrils around the world, now has its own range of ice cream is even better. By my question is, where can you buy Lotus Cookie Butter ice cream in the UK?

Well guys, I've got great news, After reaching out to the lovely representatives for Lotus Biscoff I have learnt that their covetable Cookie Butter ice cream is available in the UK at Morrisons and Waitrose. Hallelujah. The tubs cost £3.99. What are you waiting for? Got yourself down to those frozen aisles.

If Lotus is your thing, but you're not feeling the whole Cookie Butter thing (I'm not here to judge), then there's actually another option you may be interested in. Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Sticks come in boxes of three so you should probably get one box per person because when you hear about these delights you might well want to hoard. These delicious ice creams are filled with creamy ice cream with a fabulous swirl of crunchy Biscoff spread. This slice of heaven on a stick is then coated with creamy dreamy Belgian chocolate with bits of Biscoff biscuit. Good lord those people on the development team over at Lotus HQ really know what to do with their own brand speculoos.

According to the Independent, Lotus Biscoff comes from the mind of Belgium native Els Scheepers who rose to fame when she appeared on Belgian television programme De Bedenkers (The Inventors, a bit like the Belgian equivalent of Dragon's Den) in 2007. Lotus bakeries were so amazed by the deliciously naughty recipe that they approached her about making it a sellable product. The rest, as they say, is history.

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