Manic Panic's Lipsticks Cover The Entire Rainbow

by Alexa Tucker

They may be best known for their insanely colorful hair dyes and products, but Manic Panic's lipsticks make a pretty vivid statement, too. The ultra-saturated colors, creative shades, and stay-put formulas all deliver the makings of a major statement lip.

Rivaling their vast array of hair color options, Manic Panic has 48 unique shades of their Lethal Lipsticks. Of course, you could find the perfect berry hue or any shade of bold red your heart desires, but the collection really stands out with its more uncommon and electric offerings. In fact, if you wanted to rock a literal rainbow lip, Manic Panic would have you covered.

In true ROY G. BIV style (remember that acronym?), the whole gang's represented. In addition to the classics, you could choose between four different shades of blue, three shades of true green, endless purple options, and even a blinding yellow hue. There are also several nude, black, silver, and shimmery white options.

Each lip color is available for $15 on Manic Panic's website. Punch up your pout with one of these seven stand-out rainbow hues, or check out all of your Lethal Lipstick options here. Fair warning: You might be there for a while.

1. Tomata du Plenty

Tomata du Plenty Lethal Lipstick, $15, Manic Panic

The perfect shade of true tomato red, this hue has a touch of orange too.

2. Coralline Dream

Coralline Dream Lethal Lipstick, $15, Manic Panic

This orange-pink hue gives off sweet coral vibes.

3. Sunshine

Sunshine Lethal Lipstick, $15, Manic Panic

Here comes the sun, indeed.

4. Green Envy

Green Envy Lethal Lipstick, $15, Manic Panic

Win St. Patrick's Day with this bold lip color.

5. After Midnight

After Midnight Lethal Lipstick, $15, Manic Panic

Blue crushin' over here.

6. Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade Lethal Lipstick, $15, Manic Panic

I was never really quite sure if indigo was more blue or purple, but this deep shade seems like the best of both.

7. Mystic Heather

Mystic Heather Lethal Lipstick, $15, Manic Panic

This electric violet shade has just a hint of magenta pink.