This Polly Pocket Dress Collection Was Made For Your Inner '90s Child

Forget everything you know about the tiny dolls of your childhood, because you can now bring them to life. According to Vogue, Mimi Wade created a Polly Pocket Capsule Collection. The line features clothing, accessories, and bags all inspired by the little doll that you used to carry around in the '90s. The era is a live and well, but it will cost you.

Remember those life-size Barbie dolls that came with matching outfits? Well, this is better. Mimi Wade created a line of dresses that are exactly what the doll would be wearing, if she were featured in a high-fashion magazine.

These are not the average Polly Pockets that you will find in stores, though. Wade drew all the prints herself and reimagined the world as she wanted in. Oh, and the accessories are a little more over the top than anything that came in the on-the-go cases as a child.

“The garments are printed with my own drawings of a reinterpreted Polly Pocket in different scenarios,” Wade said in the Vogue interview. "I wanted them to look like the plastic jewellery you wore as a kid, and the ‘grown up’ jewellery you secretly tried on in your granny’s bedroom.”

The dresses, jewelry, and bags feature fresh water and baroque pearls, Swarovski crystals, heavy silk satin, velvet ribbon and lace, according to Vogue. So, no, this collection will not be available for $14.95 at Walmart, like the current Polly Pockets are.

Mimi Wade x Polly Pocket Capsule Collection will only be available on the designer's website, and will like cost up to $500 per item. Wade has not comments on the price just yet, but every other collection on the brand's website has gone for between $130 to $1,550.

Customers will find out the exact price of the collection on Aug. 17, when the line is officially available on the Mimi Wade website.

Ironically enough, according to the Vogue interview, Wade says that the line has nothing to do with nostalgia. She instead says that the line is about "adventurous women who have remained young at heart." Tomato-tomahto.

The prints of this collection feature Wade's take on the iconic Polly character being her adventurous self. Although the designer did not include a description on exactly what the prints are, it seems to feature Polly riding a slug. You know, because she's tiny and all.

“When creating the collection, I was thinking about films from the same era that play with perspective, like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, The Taste of Tea, The Borrowers and Thumbelina," Wade elaborates. "There’s something about being tiny and seeing the world from a whole new angle that has always really captured my imagination. I like putting the emphasis on character and bravery over physical stature."

Whether Wade wants to admit that there is nostalgia in this collection or not, the character is clear. These items will make you want to kickstart your Polly Pocket collection again — but in your closet this time.