These Giant Pool Floats Fit Six People & They Honestly Look Comfy AF

With summer still months away, some people are ready for it to be here right freakin' now. Case-in-point: people are scrambling to figure out where to buy Party Bird Island pool floats after photos of them began floating around the internet. Aside being being uber Instagrammable, these colorful, giant pool floats, which are sold at Sam's Club, can hold up to six people, and one is even styled like a unicorn — so it's it's basically a little floating fantasy paradise that can fit all of your besties. Sam's Club describes the floats as "your own personal animal island on the water." Um, yes please! Seriously, it's time to pretend we're just like celebrities who are known for making pool floats one of their top priorities — as everyone should.

If you're headed out for spring break, you might want to order yourself one of these floats ASAP so you can literally spend your week off riding a magical unicorn. Yes, the dream is real. Unicorns do exist, and they're more than happy to hold all of your summer hopes and dreams while you blissfully relax atop a sea of blue. The floats are so popular that they're currently out of stock online, but if you're a Sam's Club member you can grab one at the store for $140 (split the cost with your squad). If you're not a member, you might want to befriend one. Because, floating unicorns!

Along with unicorns, the pool floats also come in the form of colorful birds like purple peacocks and pink flamingos so you and your friends can get a bunch and tie them together to create your own little floating city of warm-weather joy. However, because the birds are so big, you'll have to create your multi-bird paradise on a lake or in the ocean. "With the Party Bird Floating Island from Sun Pleasure, no day on the lake is complete without resting by the gentle tail feathers of a towering inflatable peacock," Sam's Club noted in the product description.

"If you fancy yourself as more of a mythical creature kind of gal or guy, there's a giant inflatable unicorn for that. Be sure to check out the giant inflatable flamingo to complete the trifecta of the Party Bird Floating Island collection." Let's be honest here, you totally deserve a little bird-float fantasy to tide you over until summer gets here after your winter of discontent. Seriously, summer can't come soon enough because these beautiful floats prove that playing in the pool isn't just for kids. What's more, turning up to any pool party with one of these epic floats will instantly make you the most beloved guest.

If it's the lake your lazying around on, the peacock and flamingo floats have built in coolers to keep your beverages chill AF, and all three floats come with cup holders. You can even organize a pool party around your bird. Host unicorn bash and drape your deck in everything rainbow, invite friends over for pink-flamingo-themed fun that you can pair with a millennial-pink rosé, or play up the peacock and serve all purple foods and drinks. If you're a summer baby, you're definitely going to want to add this to your gift wish list.

If you do snag yourself one of these coveted floats, don't try to blow it up using your lungs. One person on the Sam's Club website said it took around 20 minutes to inflate the bird float using a hand pump. If you fancy yourself Wonder Woman, and you do try to blow it up yourself, not only will it take you all damn day, but when you're done you'll be too pooped to anything else but crawl aboard it and go to sleep, which actually doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world.

I don't know about you, but buying one of these is definitely at the top of my 2018 #SummerGoals list, even if all I do is lounge around in it on my lawn and pretend I'm at the pool. Hey, we've all got to work with what we've got.