Rihanna Completely Changed This Fenty Beauty Best-Seller For Her Birthday & It's Too Good

Now that's how you celebrate the big 3-0. Rihanna turned 30 on Feb. 20 and the singer, Puma creative director, and Fenty Beauty guru celebrated in style — and by giving her loyal cosmetics customers quite a gift. Fenty Beauty created The Dirty Thirty version of the Killawat Highlighter in Trophy Wife. This best-selling Freestyle Highlighter was specifically revamped for its fearless leader on her milestone birthday.

Do not panic or fret if you are one of the many diehard fans of this golden, shimmery, and 3D shade. The formula and shade have not changed. You will still be able to get that Fenty-approved glow. It's basically the same beloved product — only with new and collectible packaging and fresh details.

The Dirty Thirty version of Trophy Wife is limited edition. It's available exclusively via the Fenty Beauty site, according to an Instagram post on the brand's official feed. The box announces that it's the exclusive birthday edition, while the face of the product is stamped with "XXX." That's the Roman numeral version of 30 and a fabulous touch.

The Dirty Thirty is $34. As of press time, it's not sold out... yet. But don't delay — like so many Fenty Beauty products, it's likely to move quick.

Killawatt: Dirty Thirty Edition, $34, FENTY Beauty

This metallic gold highlighter is what Rihanna loves to use to create her signature, much-admired radiance and glow. The product was engineered to work with all skin tones, which is a Fenty Beauty hallmark. Rihanna created the brand for woman of all colors ad backgrounds. That concept, along with a quality product assortment, has been integral to the breakout success of the company.

The Killawatt highlighter is a pretty special product. It's weightless yet long-wear, all the while offering that much-desired, lit-from-within glow. The formula is a unique, cream x powder hybrid that will melt into skin upon application. It blends smoothly and easily.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Killawatt: Dirty Thirty Edition, $34, FENTY Beauty

You can apply the gorgeously gilded Trophy Wife to the high points of your face, as a wash of color on your lids, along your brow bone, or on your Cupid’s Bow. You can even swipe it across the bridge of your nose. But those aren't your sole options. You can mix it with clear gloss to create a custom lip glaze. You can dust it along your collarbone or décolletage. Sweep it over any feature on which you want a beam of light. Rihanna prefers to use it on her body due to the high sheen finish.

This is the OG version of Killawatt in Trophy Wife. It's normally stamped with "FB" for Fenty Beauty.

Check out this chic AF gold compact that gleams much like the product it contains. The brand also posted this version on the Instagram feed. This is not the version that's currently for sale on the Fenty Beauty site. But it's certainly worth starting at. Perhaps this is Rihanna's personal, custom Dirty Thirty compact. Remember, Kylie Jenner created blingy Lip Kit tubes with bedazzled caps for her own private use.

Makeup lovers were vocal about the revamped version of Trophy Wife on Twitter.

This user makes a fantastic point. It feels like all beautyistas are having a birthday, courtesy of the Dirty Thirty edition.

Nothing expresses how the beauty community, from influencers to shoppers, is feeling about the Dirty Thirty Trophy Wife like this Rihanna meme.

Dirty Thirty is only shoppable via the Fenty Beauty site. Here's the confirmation of that fact in black, white, and DM form.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

While Team USA is going for the gold and competing at the 2018 Winter Olympics, makup lovers are doing the same with Fenty Beauty's Dirty Thirty x Trophy Wife highlighter. Light it up.