This Clay Lip Mask Is Like A Facial For Your Pout

Courtesy of Sara Happ

You treat your body and face to facials, massages, and masks galore, but what about your lips? Your pout works hard for you, so why not treat your lips to a spa-like facial with Sara Happ's new clay lip mask?

If you haven't tried a lip mask, don't be intimidated — they are exactly like face masks that give your skin or lips an extra boost of exfoliation. Happ's new clay lip mask, which launched at the beginning of April, is a lip treatment that uses a clay sourced from the Himalayas.

It's a treatment that will make your lips immediately feel baby-smooth while also helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time. Not only does the clay lip mask help purify and balance your skin, it also will moisturize your lips to make them feel softer and firmer on contact.

All you have to do in order to use the lip mask is slather on about a dollap onto your lips, leave on for two to 20 minutes, and use a warm washcloth to remove and reveal your new silky smooth lips.

Not only does Happ offer the clay lip mask, her lip line also includes other lip scrubs and luxe lip balms that you can apply after you use the mask or the scrub in order to lock in your lips' new softness.

Just think of the mask as frosting for your lips!

Courtesy of Sara Happ

Sara Happ Sweet Clay Lip Mask, $32, Amazon

Use it to restore and hydrate your pout.

I promise you, you and your lips won't regret this (and neither will the person who's on the receiving end of your kisses!)