Selena Gomez's Dainty Gold Necklace Makes A Bold Political Statement

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Fashion and politics, though an unlikely mix, have been going hand in hand more and more as of late. There are t-shirts and accessories that read powerful statements, making it easier for people to express their opinions. Selena Gomez's "We The People" Necklace is just one of the many pieces that celebrities have been rocking to show their political stance.

Just last week, Chelsea Handler tweeted a photo of herself in the airport wearing a t-shirt that reads "Sorry For Our President" in multiple different languages. And during Paris Fashion Week 2016, Stella McCartney sent models down the runway in pieces that had messages of female empowerment on them. And, in New York Fashion Week's Fall 2017 shows, the CFDA created pink buttons that read "Fashion Stands With Planned Parenthood."

More and more, designers have found themselves getting more involved in the world of politics using their own unique platform. And along with designers come celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more. The latest? Selena Gomez in her "We The People" necklace that she wore out in Los Angeles.

Made by Slow Factory, the necklace was designed in collaboration with the ACLU and handmade in New York City. Gomez wore this beauty while moderating a Q&A with Robert Pattinson for Good Time, his new film.

Her jewelry game is seriously on point.

Subtle and classic in style, the "We The People" necklace makes a reference to the First Amendment. According to the press release, this necklace was launched in the summer as a response to President Trump's Muslim ban. In his original immigration ban, named "Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States," included seven countries: Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan.

Slow Factory, a Brooklyn-based company, then created these necklaces, with 10 percent of all proceeds going to the ACLU to help those targeted by the ban.

Slow Factory

Gomez wore the delicate necklace with a black long-sleeved top, red midi skirt, cream flats, and a matching bag. Though small, it's a statement that did not go unnoticed.

Slow Factory

For those of you interested in getting yourself one, you can actually buy it online at for $75.

Some other notable items include a First Amendment Flight Jacket and a Banned Countries Scarf.

Slow Factory

1st Amendment Flight Jacket, $200,

A dope jacket with an important message.

Then, there's the Dignity Key Necklace, which when purchased, Slow Factory will donate $15 to ANERA's initiatives to "improve the lives of refugees in the Middle East," according to the website.

Slow Factory

Dignity Key, $150,

There's only two left of these babies, so if you're interested, it's best to add to your cart now.

Slow Factory's slogan is #fashionactivism, and with these items, they're certainly fulfilling it.