These Superfan 'Star Wars' Undies Prove The Force Is Stronger Than Anyone Ever Imagined

Courtesy of MeUndies

May the Fourth is Star Wars Day because, well, "May the Fourth be with you." To celebrate this pop culture holiday, underwear subscription service MeUndies has dropped an entire Star Wars underwear collection. The range is an encore of one of the underwear brand's most popular prints. The MeUndies StarWars Disco Collection (available in women's sizes XS-2XL and men's sizes S-3XL) features three different graphics: Death Star Disco, Yub Nub, and Lightsabers. All three prints will transport you to a galaxy far, far away and they're designed for either casual or super fans.

The collection is available to purchase for both members and non-members at different prices on the MeUndies site as of May 1.

The Star Wars prints are offered in all the usual silhouettes — ranging from boxers to briefs to bikinis to boy shorts and beyond. The collection also boasts three-packs where you get one of each print in the same cut. These sets are brilliant because they eliminate the need to make a choice between prints since you get 'em all.

The MeUndies Star Wars Disco collection also includes lounge pants and onesies — because leisure wear is comfy and because onesies are as cool as Luke Skywalker when he's locked in a lightsaber battle with Darth Vader.

Courtesy of MeUndies

In the press materials received by Bustle, the brand noted that Star Wars is among the most requested prints from the MeUndies community. The response to last September's drop was epic and customers demanded a sequel. So they got it. It's obvious that the MeUndies team is paying attention to what its members want.

Courtesy of MeUndies

MeUndies also operates off the principle that underwear and onesies are #fashion. Panties aren't simply something you wear beneath your clothes. Instead, they are an effective form of self-expression and they flaunt your personal style as much as a more visible accessory.

Courtesy of MeUndies

If you haven't shopped MeUndies before or are unfamiliar with how its "no strings attached" service works, here's the gist. You sign up for membership and gain access to additional, member-exclusive prints and attractive discounts. You can skip a month, swap styles, or cancel at any time. If you don't love your super soft MeUndies, you can return them after a 90-day trial period. The commitment is minimal while styles and silhouettes are plentiful. If you consider undergarments integral to your OOTD and look at everything from colors to graphics to material when shopping for undies, then a MeUndies membership might make sense for you.

Below are five items from the new Star Wars range to shop. Please note the prices listed are for non-members.

1. Cheeky Brief 3-Pack

You don't have to make a tough fashion choice because you can get all three prints in the pack. The cheeky brief is a cute cut. But if you prefer a boy short, a brief, or a bikini, those are offered in a three-pack, too.

2. Boxer 3-Pack

You can add Star Wars boxers to your underwear rotation with this set. The trunks, boxer briefs, and boxer briefs with fly also come in the three-pack configuration.

3. Unisex Lightsaber Onesie

Onesies are the ultimate in comfort clothes. The lightsaber print ups the fashion ante.

4. Women's Death Star Disco Lounge Pant

You will live in these cozy sleep pants with Stormtrooper print.

5. Women's Yub Nub Lounge Onesie

That hood, though. You can totally Netflix and chill on a rainy Sunday while cocooning in this one-piece. It would only cost $60 with a MeUndies membership. That's a sweet savings so you should totally consider joining.

There are lots of other items to shop in this collection. The fashion force is most definitely strong with MeUndies latest Star Wars assortment.