Meghan Markle Gave Friends A Bracelet She Designed At The Royal Wedding & You Can Own It, Too

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All eyes were on every detail of the royal wedding, but there was one accessory that you might have missed. According to People, Meghan Markle designed a gold bracelet for her friends at the royal wedding. The dainty little accessory is now available on the Zofia Day Co., so that you can buy one for all of your friends, too. If you can afford it, that is.

The jewelry on the royal wedding day was epic. There was tiaras, bracelets, and rings — oh my! Six of Markle's friends wore some pretty epic jewelry as well. According to People, the Duchess of Sussex designed a solid gold disk bracelet for all of her friends. You know, all the ones that she didn't choose as bridesmaids.

The gorgeous, dainty accessory was in collaboration with Lisette Polny, the founder of Zofia Day Co. — an ethically sourced jewelry company out of Encinitas, California.

“It’s an overwhelming honor to be part of history and for my pieces to be given as a keepsake for this momentous occasion,” Polny tells People. “It’s a really simple, elegant piece that’s just very true to her personal style."

If you want to stock up on some for you own wedding day — or just feel royal every day of the week — you can purchase the bracelet on the brand's website for $450 each. Because looking royal does not come cheap.

Even if you don't know what you're looking for on the brand's website, the name will tell it all. According to the product description, the brand named the design "Kensington Bracelet." Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now live in Kensington Palace, for all of you non-royal fanatics out there.

According to the publication, Markle gave the bracelet to six of her friends. The bride chose not to have any bridesmaids at her wedding. Instead she chose of group of her friends' children to act as the royal wedding party. She did reportedly have her friends helping her get ready for the big day.

Benita Litt and Jessica Mulroney are two of the women who received a royal wedding gift. Kate Middleton also got one of the bracelets on the big day. After all, they are sisters now. None of the bracelets were seen on the big day, but designer Polny did confirm that Markle okay'd the design.

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This wasn't the only accessory worth noting on the royal wedding day, either. There was a whole lot of old, new, borrowed, and blue jewelry going on for her big day. Because when Queen Elizabeth allows you to play dress up in her closet full of crowns and historic jewelry, you make the most of it.

The most noted of the day was the tiara that Markle wore at the wedding ceremony. The Duchess of Sussex chose the Queen Mary's Filigree tiara for the big moment. It was an absolutely gorgeous thick-banded, diamond covered accessory. Other than that, she was outfitted in brand new Cartier earrings and bracelet.

The jewelry didn't stop after the wedding ceremony, either. For her second wedding event of the night, Markle stepped out in a gorgeous Stella McQueen dress and Princess Diana's aquamarine ring as well. It was a lovely way to honor Prince Harry's late mother on the day of the wedding. Markle's wedding ring was also made of diamond from Princess Diana's personal collection.

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You might not be able to afford the crown or Princess Diana's ring, but you might be able to pull together enough for the Zofia Day Co. bracelet. If not, I wouldn't worry. Odds are there will be plenty of dupes coming in the near future.