Where To Buy The Evie Beauty Blender, The Sparkly Makeup Sponge Of Your Dreams


In case we needed reassurance that 2017 would be better than 2016, we officially have it: There is a sparkly beauty blender coming to a makeup bag near you. The Evie Beauty Blender, which took the Internet by storm a few days ago, is a glitzed-out makeup applicator that's basically the product of your dreams.

Unlike the regular beauty blender, Evie is made out of silicone (a la Sillisponge) which claims to avoid makeup and oil absorption, thus making it a litttle bit more sanitary than your everyday sponge. According to the brand, its textured to provide an airbrushed finish and made to last for a year. Plus, it's covered in sparkles, and is exactly the glitzd-out update your makeup bag needs.

So where can you actually get your hands on this miracle sponge that's being touted as "The World's First Perfect Makeup Blender"? Sadly, it may be a while. Right now, the brand is raising money on crowdfunding site Kickstarter to try and turn its "perfect product" dream into a reality. So far, they've raised over $20,000 of their $28,000 goal, and still have eight days left in the campaign. Different donation amounts equate to rewards in the form of products. (If you donate $28, you'll get one blender; $52, two blenders; etc. etc.), so you better get those credit cards out!

It's so pretty, right?

The company is still awaiting its patent, but is accepting pre-orders.

Considering the sponges don't even exist yet and have already created such a serious buzz, I have a feeling supplies won't last long.