Where To Buy This Lipstick Ana Wears In '50 Shades Darker' — PHOTOS

Valentine's Day brought us the official release of 50 Shades Darker, and along with that, one very important lip discovery. Namely, that Dakota Johnson looks spectacular in any lip color you put her in, but especially dark berries and reds (befitting of the plot's moodiness). Wondering where to buy the lipstick Ana is wearing in 50 Shades Darker? You're not alone, and thanks to a thrilling screengrab, we've got an answer for at least a few of the shades.

The proof's in the pudding: Ana's caught in the act... of applying a tube of Glossier lipstick in a screenshot posted by the brand. According to an Instagram post by Evelyne Noraz, the movie's makeup artist, Ana's masquerade ball lip is a combination of Glossier's Generation G in Jam and M.A.C.'s Burgundy lip liner, layered to create a gorgeous dark berry color.

MAC Lip Pencil In Burgundy, $18, Nordstrom

Apparently even the liner-balm combo couldn't stand up to the movie's rigorous love scenes, though — Noraz wrote in her caption that they used "Anastasia liquid lipstick in Heathers for the kissing moments." Which, fair. The Anastasia Beverly Hills formula does not budge, and with the 50 Shades seal of make-out approval, you know it can stand up to your everyday needs.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick In Heathers, $20, Sephora

Although, the Glossier and MAC combo is just as gorgeous. And truly, the sight of Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey with berry red lipstick smeared on his face would've been realistic. The berry theme played throughout the movie, with similar lip looks variating by degree.


Given that the "Glossier girl" is constantly on the go and favors a laid-back makeup look (at least from time to time), it makes sense that Ana would gravitate towards the brand — she has other things on her mind and a busy lifestyle, so reaches for Glossier during those "Ack! Got a lot to think about!" moments.

Glossier Generation G In Jam, $18, Glossier

As a plus, it does layer well, so she could easily slick on one coat at the beginning of a long night and end up with a dark berry lip a few hours later, post-discovering new interests. You know how it goes.

The real takeaway here is how often makeup artists rely on that liner-lipstick combo for long-lasting lip looks. If you want to look experimental but with a foundation that doesn't budge, Jam could be the way to go.

Image: Courtesy of Brand