This 'Shark Tank' Product Lets Kids Connect

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Growing up in a world where smartphones allow everyone to be in constant contact with one another can be a double-edged sword sometimes. Sure, kids can now use texting to make sure no one forgets them at soccer practice, but as every article from the last eight years about millennials will tell you, too much time on the phone will apparently ruin your life. So those who want to balance their kids' ability to communicate without overloading them with apps and screens will want to know where to get Toymail after it's featured on the Feb. 17 episode of Shark Tank, since it aims to address this exact problem.

Toymail Talkie, $59, Amazon

The high-tech toy is like a modern walkie-talkie that has the ability to connect to a smartphone, so kids too young for one of their own can still talk with those who do. As is befitting a company that's all about new technology, Toymail has a great website where you can find anything you need about the product, from a place to order the toys to a description of exactly what it is. Each Talkie looks like a different original character, and it has the power to connect to the Cloud to send messages, do normal toy things like change the user's voice, or send the kid a periodic "reminder."

Toymail Talkie, $59, Amazon

To put this in 90s kids terms, it's as if your Furby could actually do something besides just look terrifying. And the Talkies actually don't even look half as terrifying. But let's get to the good stuff: how much does it cost to buy a Talkie? You have several different options. The Internet-connected toy, which allows you to talk over the Cloud, is $59. A smaller version, which does not have WiFi capabilities, is on sale for just $10, while the Talkies' interchangeable skins are each $18. The Toymail site currently estimates shipping should take around three weeks, but if you choose to shop on Amazon instead, you can choose your own shipping options and have the Talkies in as soon as one day, in case you need a very last minute gift to pick up.

Toymail Talkie, $59, Amazon

The product's success or failure on Shark Tank may reveal the nitty-gritty of the Toymail business and how it's doing with sales, production costs, and maybe even get to the bottom of the product's three-week shipping estimate, but it looks like for now, this product is already set up to succeed.