Where To Go Wild Swimming In The UK, Because There Are So Many Good Options

Tolga Akmen/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

The annual heatwave has hit, and if you believe the papers, pavements are melting, people are spontaneously turning into sun-dried tomatoes on their walk home, and the UK is a few degrees away from being hotter than the centre of the sun. Exaggeration aside, it is pretty boiling. But unfortunately being a country ill-equipped to cope with weather that's better than a light drizzle, outdoor pools are pretty few and far between. So where can you go wild swimming in the UK?

Bagging a spot at your local lido when the mercury rises is an all-night stake-out affair and who has time for that? Getting acquainted with the country's best wild swimming spots is therefore a must. Not only are they an unusual place to swim, you'll usually find they're a lot quieter than lidos and way more magical than a paddling pool in your back garden.

But first a few words of safety. Outdoor swimming can be more dangerous than swimming indoors due to a lack of lifeguards, variable conditions and the cold. A few simple precautions can help ensure that your swim is adventurous for the right reasons.

Be sure to check if where you're planning on swimming has lifeguards, if you're not a seasoned outdoor swimmer, it's wise to start with places that are supervised in case you get into any trouble. Always go with friends, as you can keep an eye on each other and call for help if anything goes wrong. Before you make the plunge, check you have an easy exit from the water should anything go wrong. And when you're ready to swim, ease yourself into the water. It might be tempting to jump in to get the freezing cold feeling over and done with, but sudden immersion can cause cold shock and difficulty breathing. Once you're in, check you're breathing easily and stay close to the side until you become acclimatised to the temperature.

So now the important safety briefing is over, where to go? I've rounded up some of the most picturesque outdoor swimming spots in the UK. You're welcome!