This Is The Easiest Way To See An Actual Ghost On Halloween


I ain't afraid of no ghost! ... OK, that's not true, I'm actually pretty terrified. But if you're one of those thrill-seeking, ghost chasing, Halloween loving, scary movie obsessed types who just can't help but be enamored by the idea of seeing a ghost this Halloween then listen up.

In truth, people have been obsessed with finding ghosts for some time now. Recently, an Uber driver I was was riding with was telling me how he's been communicating with ghosts for years as a means of keeping tabs on his late parents. I asked him if I wanted to see a ghost where the best place to go was, and he told me I should check out the Historic Bethlehem Hotel in Pennsylvania. ... Which means I'm never going to visit the state of Pennsylvania again.

Ghost hunting has even been the topic of a few new shows like Haunted Towns, in which four ghost hunters investigate the most haunted towns in America. Of course, when it comes to ghosts, there's that morbid curiosity that tends to creep in, but what's also interesting to learn about is why these towns and places are so haunted. Specifically, cities like Savannah, New Orleans, and Salem, all of which really tend to hype up the ~ghost~ factor every year once Halloween rolls around. As if our current reality isn't scary enough.

While you won't find me in any of these places anytime soon, stories of ghost sights and hauntings have permeated our culture for so long now it really begs the question: where can you go if you're in the holiday spirit (pun intended) to see a ghost this Halloween? From stories an alleged ghost room in San Diego to the haunted streets of New Orleans and cemeteries of Salem, Massachusetts and Rapid City, South Dakota, here are a just few places you might be able to see a ghost this Halloween. In the meantime, I'm heading my bets and sticking with my boy Casper. He's the friendliest ghost I know.

The Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego

According to one of San Diego's most notorious legends, a ghost by the name of Kate Morgan has continued to haunt the famous San Diego hotel since she mysteriously disappeared from their in 1892. Today, you can visit the room in which she stayed, aptly called the "ghost room," where Morgan's spirit is said to lurk.

Andrew Jackson Hotel, New Orleans

Easily the most haunted city in the U.S., the Andrew Jackson Hotel which is directly situated on Royal Street in the French Quarter, is said the be the best place to see a ghost in town.

Mount Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood

Established in 1877, Deadwood’s Mount Moriah Cemetery is the final resting place of two of the Old West’s most notorious outlaws, Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Those who visit the cemetery today have reported ghostly glimpses of these notorious characters and have left the cemetery feeling an eerie connection to this areas haunted past.

East Martello Museum, Key West

Built in the 1860’s to protect Key West against a confederate assault by sea, the East Martello Museum — which is also home to Robert The Doll — has been known to attract paranormal activity over the years. You can visit the museum in person, or check out one of the Trolley of The Doomed Tours which comes equipped with your own ghost tracking technology for communing with the dead.

Salem, Massachusetts

We've all heard the stories about the Salem witch trials, and if you want to see and experience a ghost IRL, look no further than this haunted East Coast city. Howard Street Cemetery is believed to be one of the most haunted places in the world, especially around Halloween.

The Historic Bethlehem Hotel

Built in 1741, the Historic Bethlehem Hotel is home to not one, but four "friendly" ghosts. Located on the 9th floor, room 932, otherwise known as "the boo room," is particularly prevalent to paranormal activity. Accounts of seeing reflections in the mirrors, papers standing upright, or flying off the desk, lamps flashing, and the bathroom wallpaper turning pink (which is rad) are just a few of the stranger things happening at this historic Pennsylvania property.

Hotel Alex Johnson, Rapid City, SD

Supernatural activity has been reported on all floors of the Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, South Dakota. Guests and employees have witnessed everything ranging from ghost sightings and lights flickering to hearing noises. The front desk staff takes guests on ghost tours and keeps a “ghost journal” for visitors to record any supernatural experiences. Those who want to commit to a full night of frights can book the hotel's Ghost Adventure package which includes accommodations in a "paranormal room," along with a ghost detector.

The Brown Palace Hotel And Spa, Denver, CO

In addition to historical tours of the property, the hotel even hosts a "Haunted Happy Hour" event where guests can take a "special tour" with the hotel's historian, and hear stories of unexplained occurrences. There have been several unexplained occurrences over the years, including hotel employees who vanish into thin air, liquor bottles that leap from shelves, bartenders who melt into mirrors, and musicians that mysteriously fade along with their music.

Alcatraz, San Francisco, California

Located in middle of misty San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary has long been known as one of the most haunted places in the U.S., according to an article about America's Most Haunted Places. For years, it was the final resting place where some of the countries most hardened criminals, like Al Capone, would go to serve their time. The government ultimately shut the prison down in 1963 — and today, it's claimed to be one of the most active paranormal places in the world, with everything from unexplained sounds like clanking bars to shadowy figures being reported over the years.

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