Why It's Actually OK That 'The Incredibles' Isn't Streaming On The Places You'd Expect

Pixar Animation Studios

Incredibles 2 is coming out on June 15, making those who grew up with the Pixar classic feel very old, and very nostalgic. If you’ve been trying to watch the first movie on Netflix or Hulu, you probably noticed that it’s nowhere to be found. Turns out, The Incredibles is one of the Disney movies that used to be on Netflix but was eventually cut. While you can't look to any of those major streaming sites for where to stream The Incredibles, the good news is that you can watch it on Amazon Video, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and the Freeform site. The bad news is that there’s a fee attached to most of those options option. Freeform is free, but you can only stream videos if you have a cable subscription, limiting who can actually watch it.

If you’re wondering why The Incredibles isn’t easily accessible to stream, it's likely because Disney is set to come out with its own streaming service. Disney’s partnership with Netflix isn’t over yet, but the studio and the site will cut ties next year. Sadly, this means Disney is already getting rid of some of their most beloved movies from the streaming site, and that includes The Incredibles. The only Pixar films currently available to stream on Netflix are Coco, Finding Dory and Cars 3. In terms of the Disney movies that aren’t Pixar productions, there are barely any left of the classics, too.

Thrillist reports that at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in Los Angeles in 2017, Chairman and CEO Bob Iger explained that he knows removing movies from Netflix this soon is a risky move, but he believes that it’ll pay off. “At some point, we felt it would be necessary for us to not only be disrupted, but to disrupt our business ourselves," Iger said. "We felt that we were no longer seeing a speed bump of disruption ... What we were seeing instead was real, profound and permanent change."

Not being able to currently stream all your favorite Disney movies without paying for them individually sucks, but the studio knows that by removing its films from major streaming sites, it’ll make people anticipate their own streaming site more. According to Thrillist, Disney's site won’t just have the most recent popular flicks like Frozen and Moana — it’ll also include practically every film in Disney’s library. That means you’ll have the chance to catch up with all your favorite Disney movies, plus all the Marvel and Star Wars movies. With all that to choose from, you’ll seriously never want to leave your home.

For those who are based in the UK, there’s already a Disney streaming service available called Disney Life. Tech Advisor reports that this service has many of the studio's classics, as well as some of the lesser-known live action films, like Secretariat and The Three Musketeers. It also has some exclusive content, like behind-the-scenes featurettes and animated shorts. Iger has not disclosed yet if the new streaming service is meant to offer the same features that Disney Life already provides users with, or what the fate of Disney Life will be once the new streaming service comes out, but more information is surely coming soon.

Even though you can’t easily stream most Disney movies right now without paying a fee — including, sadly, The Incredibles —at least next year you’ll be able to watch both The Incredibles and its sequel together, along with the rest of Pixar's many films. For now, the good thing is that buying The Incredibles off Amazon or any individual payment streaming service is still cheaper than a movie ticket, so it might be worth it while waiting to have all your Disney favorites in one place.