Where to Stream 'Toy Story 4', The Latest In The Classic Series

Since the original film's release in 1995, the Toy Story franchise has grown from early showcase for Pixar's nascent digital animation (it was the first entirely computer-animated feature film) to beloved flagship series for the company. With the series' most recent entry up for Best Animated Feature, here's where to stream Toy Story 4 before the 2020 Oscars.

While the film isn't available to stream for free with any particular service, it's easily available for rent or purchase from iTunes, YouTube, Vudu, Amazon, GooglePlay, Fandango, AMC On Demand, and Microsoft. It's also available for purchase from DirecTV.

As you might guess by the name, it's the fourth Toy Story film in the series. We've followed Sheriff Woody (Tom Hanks) through his crisis over not being the favored toy, discovered his meta-history as a popular collectible and met his extended toy family, and dealt with obsolescence as his human left toys behind entirely for college. Now living with a new human named Bonnie, Woody's barely even a part of playtime. Nevertheless he still cares for his owner, helping gather arts and crafts materials for her on her first day of kindergarten.

This inadvertently leads Bonnie to create her new favorite toy, Forky, who refuses to think of himself as a toy, constantly hurling himself back into the garbage.

Out of loyalty to an owner who doesn't care about him, Woody goes above and beyond trying to convince Forky he's not only a toy, but loved. Eventually this leads to a showdown with a desperate toy who wants Woody's voicebox, Gabby Gabby. After she kidnaps Forky, Woody makes an intense sacrifice to get Forky back and keep Bonnie happy, putting her joy above his own.

For now, Pixar hasn't announced any plans for a fifth Toy Story, and where and how Woody ends this particular film is a sweet coda that offers a satisfying and fairly firm ending to the story. Then again, each previous Toy Story movie also offered a pretty satisfying conclusion of its own, something series star Tom Hanks echoed to Hello! "The first time we thought, 'Is this going to work at all?' and on the second time we said, 'Are you sure you guys want to do this?' And on the third film we were like, 'You got this? These movies are really important!'"

Hanks continued, "With the fourth one we don't know if it's the last, we don't know if it's the beginning of a new generation of it all, but I have always been knocked out by the words on the paper and the investment everyone takes on." Let's see if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences feels the same way.