'Brassic' Caused Quite A Stir During Filming For This Very Relatable Reason

by Aoife Hanna
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Dramedies are nothing new. As a matter of fact, dare I say the UK are up there with the best in creating comedy on the darker side. If that's what you're into, new show Brassic is absolutely a little of what you fancy. The new show, which is coming to Sky on Aug. 22, is set in a town in Lancashire that, despite seeing a few hard times, has a strong sense of community. So where was Brassic filmed?

According to Lancs Live, the show was filmed in in the Lancashire town of Bacup. With scenes filmed near the former police station on Bank Street. And other areas including the area near near Broadclough Mill on Burnley Road.

The filming caused a bit of a stir in the neighbourhood that isn't used to having location filming there. A local resident, Michael Almond, spoke to Lancs Live about the filming and shared that he was pretty bemused by the whole situation.

"It's not something that you really see in Bacup. I was there for about an hour and they kept filming the same scene over and over again and then moved onto a new one."

According to the Visit Lancashire website, Bacup is right up in the Pennine Hills. Meaning that it has some magnificent views across the valley.

So, what's a show set in such beautiful scenery all about then? Cross country adventures and natures? Well, kind of, but also totally not at all.

The show stars John Gilgun who you probably recognise best from his starring roles on Misfits and This Is England. He stars as Vinnie, a local Lancashire lad who has bipolar disorder. He has a gang of likely lads who get up to no good, including his BFF Dylan (played by Damien Molony) . The pair have a completely co-dependent friendship and both of their worlds are sent into a tailspin when Dylan's girlfriend Erin (Michelle Keegan) throws a spanner in the works. She wants to get the hell out of her situation and start a new life with her child and Dylan. Leaving Dylan with the impossible decision — to follow the love of his life or to stay with his best mate.


The show is filled with japes and adventures, all with the backdrop of feeling a bit hopeless, but also remaining loyal to the place you're from.

Gilgun spoke to Metro about the cast, sharing that the combination of this talented bunch has made some onscreen magic that's not to be missed:

"We've got the f****** best bunch man. We really do. We saw some amazing actors and we really, genuinely have the best of a brilliant group of people who came to audition. We're incredibly lucky to have the cast we've got. Honestly, they're flawless."

The show is an original production for Sky and another string in their bow considering that they are making some of the best comedy around at the moment, including Sally4Ever. Which, if you haven't watched, you need to ASAP.

Watch all episodes of Brassic on Sky One and Now TV from Aug. 22 2019.

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