A Limited Too Mobile Pop-Up Shop Might Be Rolling To A City Near You

by Eliza Florendo

Back in the day, if you wanted to be hip and stylish in elementary and middle school, you shopped at Limited Too. And while you may no longer need to go back to school shopping, you can still live like your '90s kids self by heading to the Limited Too Mobile pop-up shop.

Limited Too took a bit of a break, disappearing in the shadows for a bit before relaunching in 2015. By the fall of 2016, Limited Too merch could be found at department stores throughout the country. After being purchased by Bluestar Alliance, the tween store favorite officially made its comeback. According to Racked, their five-year plan is to bring back 200 stores.

Now, a year after re-launching, Limited Too is bringing yet another surprise: the aforementioned mobile pop-up shop in August, right when kids are prepping to get back to school. Nostalgia has officially peaked.

While you may not have any interest in purchasing clothing emblazoned with "Limited Too" in playful fonts, there's definitely some merch there you can buy as an adult. Or, if you happen to have a child or tween to spoil, you're in luck.

From Aug. 6 to 10, Limited Too is going on a "mobile tour" throughout Manhattan, back-to-school supplies in tow. According to WWD, this includes clothing, notebooks, keychains, cell-phone cases, and backpacks.

Trying to track down where the truck will be exactly? It's scheduled to stop at "Third Avenue, between 59th Street and 60th Street on Aug. 6; Herald Square on Aug. 7 and Aug. 8; Union Square on Aug. 9, and the Flatiron District on Aug. 10," according to WWD. The shop will be open each day from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Even though it'll be a throwback collection, the prices aren't crazy. All products will cost under $100, and the sizes will range from 2T through 16, so kids and teens alike can get their Limited Too swag on. For the '90s kids-turned-adults? Lots of cute keychains, notebooks, and other accessories.

If you're not in NYC, don't fret. The company is allegedly considering a mobile pop-up shop for Chicago, Los Angeles, South Florida, and Texas as well, according to The Cut. If all goes well, you may be seeing this shop riding through other cities, so fingers crossed.

If you want to join the hype online, follow their Instagram @LimitedToo or use the hashtag #LTD2BestInClass.