Where Will Zoey Go To College On 'black-ish'? She Has A Tough Decision Ahead

Ron Tom/ABC

In the second of its back-to-back episodes, black-ish reached a milestone that fans could probably tell was coming: Zoey was accepted into college. And she has a few exciting options ahead of her: University of Miami, Vanderbilt University, New York University... and the local school that her father convinced her to apply to just in case she decides to stay in Southern California. At first, everyone in the family wants to chime in and influence Zoey's decision. Bow and Dre are emotional about their kids growing up and want to keep her home for a little bit longer, and they even make a slideshow to that effect (something Dre is used to doing when he wants to manipulate someone).

Diane wants to visit New York because somehow, she's a fan of Sex & the City. Jack wants to visit Miami for the same reasons as LeBron James: he's a ring chaser (just kidding, it's for the beach and the sun). And Pops just wants to make sure that Zoey isn't subjected to the Southern-fried racism of Tennessee. At first, it seems like Zoey agrees with her sister and she's chosen to attend NYU. But the end of the episode, it's implied, however, that she'd like to stay a lot closer so she can get to know her baby sibling, who she'll only get to know for a few months before going off to school.

One of the cutest aspects of the episode is that while it was airing, the actress who plays Zoey, Yara Shahidi, was writing about her own college decision. Like Zoey, Shahidi has plenty of options, and she hasn't announced where she's going to go, after being accepted into all of the colleges she applied to a little while ago.

It's never outright confirmed if Zory has decided to stay local or if she'll just make an effort to get back home more often, but hopeully the character doesn't hold herself back just because of her family.