Where Her Friends Are Probably Hiding The New, Adorable Heir On ‘Wynonna Earp’


The Season 2 finale left a lot on the table for the Wynonna Earp Season 3 premiere, which airs on Syfy on July 16 and again on July 20. Who is Waverly's father? How much longer is Doc going to live? How long has Wynonna known where her mother is, and why didn't she tell her sister? Will Doc and Wynonna get together? Will Dolls and Wynonna get together? Could Nicole and Waverly be any cuter? But most importantly, where the heck is Wynonna's daughter Alice going?

Wynonna named her and Doc's baby (we now know for sure that it is Doc's baby, since it was able to leave the Ghost River Triangle) after their respective mothers, Alice Holliday and Michelle Earp. She told Doc she did it so that no one would suspect the baby to be an Earp, presumably due to the fact that she didn't have a name starting with a W. Notice she strategically left the kid's gender out of her threat to the Revenants, too.

And the short answer to the question of Alice Michelle's whereabouts is that she's the hell out of Purgatory. When the Revenants attacked Wynonna after she gave birth, they asked where the baby is. "Somewhere you'll never find it," Wynonna responded, Peacemaker poised to kill. "Outside the Ghost River Triangle. And it's never coming back."


While no one on the show was very forthcoming with information on where Perry and baby Alice are headed, the Syfy website spilled a little more of the beans in one of the captions to an official photo from the season finale. "No one will let this baby stay put!" the caption reads. "Waverly is handing the child over to Perry, who will take her to a private island where she can be safe and far away."

A private island, eh? That doesn't sound so bad...

Entertainment Weekly asked Wynonna showrunner Emily Andras if Perry (Patrick Kwok-Choon) was going to take on the task of raising little Alice Michelle himself. Andras responded:

"I think he’s going to get the baby to Aunt Gus, who we haven’t seen this year. It’s safer for Perry if he doesn’t know where Gus and the baby are headed. The more misdirects we can put in the way of the Revenants and demons, the safer this baby is going to be. The heartbreak is, that also makes it harder for our people to find the baby — but that’s sacrifice. For Wynonna to realize the baby would have a better life away from her is a very real story for a lot of mothers and something we thought was worth telling."

To read Andras's words, it doesn't sound like a reunion between Wynonna and the littlest Earp Heir is anywhere on the agenda for Season 3... or possibly ever. While it was absolutely heartbreaking to watch Wynonna and Doc send their daughter away, it did seem like the only thing to do. Like Rosita said, Wynonna's baby would be like currency if she stayed in the Ghost River Triangle, and the Revenants — and who knows who else — would never stop coming for her.

When Doc finally rushed to the helicopter where Perry was waiting to take the baby away, Waverly told the new father, "Aunt Gus is waiting." It makes sense that Wynonna and Waverly would choose to send the child to live with August McCready, aka Aunt Gus (Natascha Girgis), the family member who looked after Waverly in Purgatory during the three years after Wynonna shot their father and left town. Aunt Gus has been MIA since Season 1, and MIA is exactly where baby Alice needs to be.

On the other hand, maybe the whole Aunt Gus thing is a decoy, too, and Perry really is going to take a crack at fatherhood. After all, Andras did imply that it was important for Wynonna and the Black Badge Division to be as in the dark as possible when it comes to Alice's true hiding place.

Keeping the baby in Purgatory would have no doubt set up countless plot lines for the next season, but sending her away is really the only decision that makes sense. Devastated as Wynonna might be, she knows there's too much mayhem going on in Purgatory to try and protect a helpless baby. And besides, there's another mother on the scene to worry about: Mama Earp.