Whether Craig Becomes A Lawyer On 'Southern Charm' Isn't Anyone's Business, So Everyone Should Let Him Be

Rebecca Miller/Bravo

It looks like #NewCraig is finding it difficult to shake the revelation that he didn't actually graduate from law school and didn't actually take the bar exam, as a result. Fans of Southern Charm have been hearing about Craig's law school dreams of becoming a practicing attorney for a few seasons now and it was only at the end of last season that it was revealed that he hadn't actually finished law school and he had no immediate plans to take the bar exam. It seems like every one of his friends has made it their business to scold him constantly about his little lie, but whether Craig becomes a lawyer or not really isn't anyone's business.

I feel like Shep and Cameran specifically feel like they need to parent Craig and critique every life choice that he makes. Honestly, it's getting a little old. There are constant discussions between them, usually behind Craig's back where he isn't present to defend himself, about whether he even has a desire to practice law. They are always contemplating the minutia of Craig's aspirations, and it feels like they are stepping over a line. Why does it matter if he wants to be a lawyer or not? It is Craig's life and everyone needs to stop obsessing over what he wants to do with it.

During Monday's episode, Shep told Craig that he had spoken with Naomie at the pool party about the fact that Craig lied about finishing law school. He then chastised Craig about applying for the bar, but never actually taking it and then asked him whether he really wanted to be a lawyer or not. When Craig said that he clearly wanted to become an attorney, Shep told him that he didn't believe him. Why does it matter? Craig doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, because these particular life choices don't have any baring on his friends' lives. When he spoke to Naomie, she agreed that no one needs to be talking about this subject behind Craig's back and it bothered her that Shep and Cameran constantly feel the need to discuss it. When Craig confronted Cameran about it, she denied that they talk about it behind his back. Clearly, that isn't true because reality television records things.

Really, the only person other than Craig who needs to be concerned with his future career is Naomie. Obviously when you are in a committed, long-term relationship with someone, you have a right to be up to date with their aspirations and career choices because it starts to affect you as well. As fro the rest of us, whatever Craig decides to do, I am sure he will be successful.