Has Craig Conover Taken The Bar Yet Or Nah?

Rebecca Miller/Bravo

Since he made his debut on Southern Charm, Craig Conover has been talking about being a lawyer. He went to law school! He was studying for the bar! He was going to take the bar and then be a lawyer! Well, until he wasn’t. Things got confusing there for a bit, Craig partied a lot, and then his ideas of being a lawyer seemed to just fall by the wayside. Has Craig taken the bar yet on Southern Charm?

All of Craig’s white lies came crashing down at the Season 3 reunion when he finally had to admit, on national television, that not only he did not take the bar exam but he also wasn’t even eligible to do so because he didn’t finish his final paper and hadn't actually completed law school. This was especially awkward because Craig had assured Shep that he had already applied to take the bar and was ready and raring to go. I can see how Craig could get caught up in these lies — once you have one, it can snowball and snowball until you have this giant thing in the room that you have to just go along with because you don’t want to embarrass yourself even more than you already have. After all of that news, though, this was me:

Anyway, Craig also got distracted working for JD and his liquor business. I don’t know if it was because he really wants to be a lawyer or he just really doesn’t want to sell liquor, but Craig’s heart didn’t seem to be into that, either. Craig really just has to take the bar and pass it and be a lawyer. From a look at his social media, it seems like he just may have done it!

A post from Craig’s Twitter in February 2017 made a reference to a “week until the bar,” which I assume is a reference to him being ready to finally take the exam.

According to the Supreme Court of South Carolina Office of Bar Admissions, there was indeed a test in February 2017, so Craig probably did sit for the exam. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if he passed yet, because getting the results of the test doesn’t happen overnight (but I’m sure many takers wished that it did). Results can take a month or more to be sent to the waiting aspiring lawyers, so Craig is probably trying to cool his heels.

I'm frankly just glad that it's possible he sat for the exam in the first place. I maintain that it's better to have more options than fewer, so if Craig takes this and passes it, then he can really decide if he wants to be a lawyer or not. There's no shame in it either way, but since he went to law school and all, he should probably, you know, take the final exam. We can't all be men of leisure like Shep! Craig's friends and girlfriend, Naomi, are behind him no matter his decision, and let's hope that the bar helps him make one.