Here's Whether 'The Nun' Will Be Too Scary For You, Based On Your Horror Movie Preferences

For horror movie lovers, the choice to go see the newest film in the genre always presents a special kind of predicament, because horror can mean so many different things. A person who loves psychological suspense might not enjoy a gory scream-fest, and vice versa. If you're not sure whether you should see The Nun, your horror movie preferences will shed some light on the mystery. As horror fanatics surely know, The Nun will make the third movie from The Conjuring's universe once it comes out in theaters on Sept. 6.

The Conjuring followed the real story about a pair of paranormal investigators who helped a family with a haunted farmhouse, and from that story, The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle were born. Now, The Nun poses as a prequel to those movies, and while it doesn't have a real-life basis, it has a few familiar faces. If you saw The Conjuring 2, you'll probably remember the stand out scene when Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) gets chased by the demon nun (Bonnie Aarons). If, after screaming your face off during that scene, you thought, that nun would make a great horror movie subject, then you're thinking along the same lines as Hollywood execs, because The Nun is all about that shadowy figure that chased Lorraine.

Yet before you start thinking about quitting your job to pursue a new life as a Hollywood studio head, you might want to first think twice before going to see The Nun based on its scariness. Here's your guide to deciding if this movie matches your horror preferences.


If You Enjoyed 'The Conjuring', You Should Watch 'The Nun'

Seeing as The Nun takes place in the same universe as The Conjuring, as a prequel, you'll have to see the new horror flick if you loved the first one of the series.


If You Thought 'Hereditary' Was Too Scary, You Might Want To Skip It

As terrifying as Hereditary was, The Nun has many more frightening elements, like a lack of electricity and a creepy gothic church.


If 'The Grudge' Is One Of Your Faves, Then Check 'The Nun' Out

Both movies follow a woman attempting to uncover a mystery in an unfamiliar place, and despite their many differences, The Grudge is more similar to The Nun than you might think.


If You Hated How Silent 'The Quiet Place' Was, Maybe Skip It

Silence is scary no matter what, and if you decided that you don't want movies that include long gaps of silence between blaring noises that make you scream, you won't like The Nun. That's not to say that the film is completely silent, but it definitely uses some of the similar suspense-building techniques.


If You Like Urban Legend Horror, Then You'll Appreciate 'The Nun'

If you wished that the myth story from Hereditary played a bigger part in the overall story, you might love The Nun, which uses a real-life myth about a demon named Valak.


If Your 2017 Horror Movie Preferences Ranked 'Mother!' Higher Than 'It,' You Might Not Like It

Mother! had a lot of spooky elements but it was more of a psychological thriller than It, and The Nun is more like the latter. If Mother was more your jam, then check out the new film, The Little Stranger.


If 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose' Is One Of Your Faves, You Should See 'The Nun'

If you're constantly telling your friends that Emily Rose is highly underrated, then get ready to enjoy The Nun.


If You Hate Movies Which Are Entirely Set In Haunted Places, You Won't Like It

Sometimes movies like Hereditary, which take place in multiple settings, allow for more suspense because you don't know which places might be safe. This one mostly takes place in one setting, like Get Out.


If You Love All Catholic-Themed Horror Movies Like 'The Exorcist' Or 'Rosemary's Baby' Then You'll Love 'The Nun'

The nuns' black cloaks in this movie create the perfect amount of spookiness.


If You Liked 'Annabelle' Then You'll Need To See It

If you loved the first spin-off movie from The Conjuring, then that should give you a good idea about how much you'll enjoy the second one.


BONUS TIP: If You're Planning A Trip To Italy, France, Or Romania Then You Should Pass For Now

If you have plans to travel to Europe, especially to Romania where The Nun takes place, you'll want to hold off on seeing this movie. The reason for that being that taking tours of gothic churches and catacombs might remind you too much of the terrifying abbey in The Nun.

Now you know, for once and for all, if you should book those tickets to go see The Nun.