Some 'Are You The One' Couples Are Still Together & Some Never Want To See Each Other Again


Despite only confirming one perfect match for the entire season, the latest crop of Are You The One hopefuls somehow managed to pull things together, find their one true pairs, and win their million dollar prize. But did any of them show's contestants come away with love and money? Which Are You The One Season 6 couples are still together?

For the first time ever, the MTV match series split its reunion into two parts, the second airing Dec. 20, meaning that fans had to wait double the time to find out what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. Unsurprisingly, not many of the couples lasted, but there were certainly a lot of off-screen hook-ups to break down — many of which involved castmates from past AYTO seasons. Some tried to make it work, others went their separate ways, and a few lucky pairs came away with a real relationship, but no matter what their status, there was plenty of drama in between.

So, without further ado, here's who went the distance and who fell short — at least, as of the reunion special. The Season 6 contestants wove such a tangled web of connections that at this point, it's difficult to keep up with who's with who.

Anthony & Geles

Anthony and Geles burned bright and quick. They were hot and heavy for a while, but fizzled before season's end, and when host Terrence J asked if they were friends, Geles said flatly: "No, we're former castmates on a reality TV show." It's unclear whether or not they reached out to one another after filming, but apparently, Anthony did explore a few other connections. During a trip to New Jersey, he hooked up with both Zoe — who'd been friends with Geles — and Keyana, with whom he'd apparently had a fling with that didn't make it to air. Nothing came of those relationships either, though, and he's now dating Shannon from Season 5. (Fans may recall that Shannon was previously dating Tyler, but she said during the reunion that he wasn't loyal, and called him "a cheating piece of sh*t.")

Alexis & Keith

Though perhaps AYTO's most dysfunctional couple, it seemed like Alexis and Keith were ready to give things a shot up until Alexis kissed Michael on the last night. As it turns out, Keith did give her a second chance (or tenth, depending on how you look at it): She went to visit him, met his family, and vice versa, but they later separated. According to Alexis, he tried to rekindle things before the premiere, but she found out he had been hooking up with Carolina from Season 5 and turned him down. Now, Keith is dating Carolina, and Alexis is talking to Carolina's Season 5 castmate, Michael.

Clinton & Uche

Clinton and Uche weren't a match, but they held strong throughout the season, and that translated to real life, too. After the show, Uche ended up moving to Orlando, Florida, while Clinton went back to his hometown in Palm Bay, which is only an hour away. They've since both met each other's families, and used the reunion special as an opportunity to make things boyfriend/girlfriend official.

Michael and...

For all the connections Michael made — Keyana, Audrey, Geles, Alexis — he still ended up alone. On the reunion special, he said he was most serious about Audrey, but considering he had sex with Geles while she was in the same room, it seems safe to say that ship has sailed.

Alivia & Kareem

No-match couple Alivia and Kareem weathered their fair share of bumps while in the house, and their relationship started off just as rocky in the real world. Kareem cheated on Alivia with Zoe — who he'd also kissed on the show — but he and Alivia were ultimately able to put it behind them, and they're still together.

Malcolm & Diandra/Nurys

Malcolm ping-ponged between Diandra and Nurys for most of the season, but in the end, it was Alivia who was his match. During the reunion, Malcolm and Diandra revealed they did try to make things work IRL, but Malcolm broke it off because of distance. Nurys, meanwhile, is dating Nelson from Season 3. "We're still trying to figure things out, we're taking things slow," she said. "He's an amazing guy. Everything that I've ever wanted."

So, that's where things stand for now, but keep an eye on the contestants' social media for more updates.