Here's Who Is (Probably) Still Friends With Krystal After 'The Bachelor'

Paul Hebert/ABC

While The Bachelor is all about ending up with the titular man, many contestants often discover that the real Bachelor ends up being the friends they made along the way. While all the women in the house are competing to fall in love with the same person, that spirit of competition can get left behind when a genuine friendship arises. However, not everyone on The Bachelor is great at being friendly with their fellow contestants. After spending seemingly all season criticizing others and being a major source of drama, is Krystal friends with any other Bachelor contestants, or is there still bad blood between her and the cast? Krystal will likely out who her real friends are the moment she steps onto the stage of The Women Tell All and has to listen to the other women reveal what they think of her — and it's likely to be rough.

In an interview with Ellentube, Krystal said, "I feel like throughout the whole season, and while I was there and even on the show, I just felt really misunderstood." Krystal's portrayal on the show made her appear to be very unpopular with the other contestants, but despite what the show says, Krystal claims that she did manage to leave the show having made friends. During that same Ellentube interview, Krystal stated that she had been chatting with Bekah M. and Kendall since the season had finished. However, just because Krystal says that she's friendly with her former fellow houseguests, that doesn't mean that the fellow houseguests would agree.

If Bekah M. and Krystal are friends, then Krystal must be fine with a pretty shady tweet that Bekah sent during the airing of The Bachelor. Bekah tweeted out a joke that she claimed would be "the only shade I will be throwing," directed at Krystal. Bekah M. joked that "Krystal probably thinks she sounds like Marilyn Monroe and I think she sounds like a phone sex operator reject," may sound harsh, but if they are friends then the joke could just be a playful jest. However, Bekah M. certainly wasn't a fan of Krystal while they were on The Bachelor, so either things have changed or Krystal has a looser definition of "friend" than Bekah does.

While Kendall hasn't posted any memories or comments about her time with Krystal on the show, it's possible that these two have held up a positive relationship. While their two-on-one date was dramatic, Kendall extended an olive branch to Krystal prior to her departure. When Krystal found herself on the outs with the other houseguests, Kendall tried to talk through what Krystal was feeling and was openly empathetic with her. While that conversation may not have saved Krystal from being sent home, it showed that Kendall was willing to do the type of emotional labor that real friends do for each other with Krystal.

While Krystal name-dropped Bekah M. and Kendall as post-Bachelor friends, she failed to mention the Bachelor contestant that posted the most caring declaration of friendship to Krystal since their season of The Bachelor started airing. While few of the former Bachelor contestants have spoken about Krystal, Jacqueline posted a touching tribute to the former houseguest, reminiscing about their time together.

Jacqueline and Kendall were paired together as part of the wrestling group date, and Jacqueline shared an image on Instagram of the pair, and thanked Krystal for being such a great wrestling partner. As Jacqueline said in the Instagram post, "We were an awesome duo, and her encouragement helped me overcome my fear of having my head repeatedly slammed into the ground." While Krystal's friendships on The Bachelor were few and far between, it's clear that she's not entirely alone amongst her fellow Bachelor alumni. Even if Krystal proved to be a major source of drama, it seems there are a few contestants willing to give friendship a chance.