'Midnight, Texas' May Surprise You, Even If You've Read Charlaine Harris' Novels A Dozen Times


If you loved True Blood and long for those days of folksy supernatural intrigue, you're in luck. Another show based on Charlaine Harris' writing is coming to NBC on July 24. The supernatural series is composed of three novels. Which Charlaine Harris book is Season 1 of Midnight, Texas based on? The show seems to be taking on its source material at a fast clip.

The NBC adaptation starts with the story of Midnight Crossing, the first novel in the series — therefore, a very good place to start. However, a few changes have been made. Some of the characters look a little different than their descriptions — Lem in particular, which is fine. The characters are the same at heart, and that's what counts. Midnight, Texas is about a family, as unconventional as it is.

As far as plot goes, some of the action moves at a different pace than it does in that first novel. In some storylines, the season might actually surpass not just the first book, but all three.

"They are gonna end up where I ended up," Harris told press at a set visit Bustle attended. "But they're gonna end up there very quickly. Whereas it took me three books. They're just compressing. I think probably after this, it will be completely [the showrunners'] brainchild."

That doesn't necessarily mean that Season 1 will cover three books worth of material, in its entirety. Game of Thrones has played around with the order of a few characters' journeys throughout its many seasons, and that could happen here as well.

Cathy Kanavy/NBC

The original book series was inspired by Harris' childhood visiting a town in the summer that was consumed by rodeo people, a culture that was so alien and tough to her. "I wanted this book to be quite different [from True Blood] and I wanted the approach to the supernatural to be quite different," Harris says on set.

The other two books in the series, if you want to cover your bases and check them out, are titled Day Shift and Night Shift. That said, according to what we know about the show, you may have to read quickly. Executive producer Monica Owasu-Breen described the show to Screener TV as being like Harris' books "on steroids" with regards to pacing. Season 1 of Midnight, Texas is going to be a thrill ride, and may surprise even the most devoted fans of Harris' work.