Which Clothes Sell Best Online? These Brands Will Make You The Most Money In 2017

Looking to clean out your closet for the new year and to make some decent cash in the process? Well, you can and it's easy. Poshmark, the popular fashion resale app utilized by 1 in 50 American women, has revealed its most in-demand, resellable brands. Instead of giving gently worn shoes or little-used tops to your bestie or dumping an entire, unsorted pile of stuff off at the local thrift shop where it could sit unclaimed for weeks, turn them into quick cash via the site. Which clothes sell best online? If you have any of the following brands in your closet, you can expect to make the most from them.

Poshmark's Senior Director of Merchandising Kate Franco revealed in a press release its current most in-demand brands. They range from mall faves to high-end, luxe labels and include both workout and outerwear.

The most sellable brands on the site are as follows: UGG, Louis Vuitton, Lululemon, Nike, The North Face, Michael Kors, and Kendra Scott.

Did you buy a pair of UGGs but have yet to crack the box? Keeping an older LV hobo bag that you haven't used in years just 'cause? Have a North Face jacket that... just hangs there?

If the answer is "yes," you need to sign up for a Poshmark account and start selling, stat.

UGGs are comfy, but they are also able to make you some fast cash.

LV is a classic, beloved, and timeless brand that also allows you to make a statement when you tote one of its bags. So it's no surprise that LV pieces are easily resold and for a good price.

Who doesn't love Lululemon's leggings?!

Michael Kors has extensive offerings, both affordable and high-end. Whatever the case, the brand is sought-after in the resale marketplace.

OK, go! Hit that closet and if you have pieces by any these brands that you just aren't making effective or frequent use of, turn 'em into quick cash. Give them a new lease on life with someone else who will love 'em.

This is the new fast fashion!

Images: UGG/Instagram (1); Louis Vuitton/Instagram (1); Lululemon/Instagram (1); Michael Kors/Instagram (1)