Your Guide To Shopping ColourPop's Perfect Combos


Get ready to fall even more in love with ColourPop Cosmetics. They’re delivering you more ways to wear your favorite hues, so can you just sign up to spend the rest of your life with them already, or what? Which ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips do the new Matte X shades match with? You’re now able to create the most perfect combo for your pout!

ColourPop launched eight new shades that match their existing top-selling Ultra Matte Lips. If you want a matte pout that isn't drying, you're able to cop the color you love the most in the Matte X Lipstick formula. Want to make sure your pucker is precise? Go ahead and cop the matching Lippie Pencil while you’re at it. Hues such as Viper, Wild Nothing, Love Bug and more were originally only available to shop as Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, but thanks to this recent product launch that’s no longer the case!

If you’re hoping to find out exactly which shades you need to add to your cart, you’re going to need to know exactly how these combos pair up. Because, despite what you might think, they do not have matching names (even though they are matching in color). Here, let me lay it out for you:

Thankfully, ColourPop's made it easy to shop the exact shade you're looking for on their website.

1. Team Beeper

screengrab/ColourPop Cosmetics

The "Crack Me Up" Matte X Lippie Stix is the exact same tint as Beeper.

2. Team Bumble

screengrab/ColourPop Cosmetics

Want to add even more Bumle to your collection? Get that Goal Digger in your cart, stat!

3. Team Viper

screengrab/ColourPop Cosmetics

Sauce will give you an extra dose of this rose color you can't get enough of.

4. Team Notion

screengrab/ColourPop Cosmetics

Nixed will give you a velvety vampy lip. YAS.

5. Team Wild Nothing

screengrab/ColourPop Cosmetics

Kapish will be your new go-to nude.

6. Team Love Bug

screengrab/ColourPop Cosmetics

Recreate that Love Bug pout with the new formula. It's going by the name "Secret Stash," and you're going to want to stock up on it, for real!

7. Team Bad Habit

screengrab/ColourPop Cosmetics

Bad Habit? Pluh-eese. There's nothing wrong with being addicted to this shade (or with copping the Mirror, Mirror lipstick) while you're at it.

8. Team Are N Be

screengrab/ColourPop Cosmetics

Slick some purple on using the Party Foul version of Are N Be for the glammest occasions.

Rack up on the shades you already know and love (but in a wider variety of product options) by heading to the ColourPop website. I know you're addicted, but trust me, it's OK. I'm right there with you.