Here’s When You Can Expect To See Gigi & Bella Hadid On Their Mom’s New Show

Polina Yamshchikov/Lifetime

If you think it's easy becoming a supermodel, then allow Yolanda Hadid to set you straight. The former model and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is returning to reality television with her new show Making a Model With Yolanda Hadid. Along for the ride will be her two supermodel daughters, Gigi and Bella Hadid. And, though their appearances were teased in early trailers for the show, it's still unclear which episodes of Making a Model Gigi and Bella will be on.

Fans of Gigi and Bella will no doubt be eager to see their fav fashionistas on television again — they, too, appeared on RHOBH as young teens — and they're going to want to plan accordingly. Unfortunately, there are no official details yet about when Gigi and Bella will appear on Making a Model. The new Lifetime original, which premieres on Thursday, Jan. 11, will run eight episodes and track the journey of six aspiring teenage models and their mothers and managers — or "momagers." Hadid herself is one such momager, managing not only the hugely successful careers of Bella and Gigi, but also that of her son, Anwar. The show is described in an official press release as "an intensive eight week training program focused on the physical, mental and emotional wellness that it takes to build a sustainable brand." As the show's tagline says, "Models aren't born — they're raised."

In the promo, Bella appears to give the budding models a pep talk and greets them with a bouquet of flowers as her mother, holding cupcakes, exclaims, "Welcome to New York!" Based on this scene, it's likely that Bella appears in the first episode of the series. Gigi, however, appears to come in later, helping the contestants behind the scenes during a photoshoot. Best estimates put Bella as appearing in the first episode (if not more) and Gigi appearing sometime later in the season. That said, Bella and Gigi won't be the only big names appearing on Making a Model. Major designers Tommy Hilfiger, Nicole Miller, and super models Devon Windsor, and Alek Wek will also be guests on the show, one assumes as photoshoot mentors or judges a la America's Next Top Model.

Gigi and Bella are important to the show, not just as Hadid's daughters or as successful models in their own right, but as Hadid's clients. The winner of the show will earn a management contract with Hadid's company, which means, hopefully, the kind of management that made Bella and Hadid super stars.

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Interestingly enough, each of the aspiring models are younger than 17 years old, which is around the age at which Hadid finally allowed her children to chase their modeling dreams. "I never let them work [as models] before they were 18," Hadid told Elle.com. "I didn't want anybody judging them on what they looked like. I wanted them to feel and be the authentic human beings that they are, and I think that created a lot of strength for them." (Note: in a separate interview with Allure, Hadid said she took Bella and Gigi to modeling agencies at 17.) No doubt this more holistic approach to model-making will be present on her show, which means fans can look forward to less physical judgements and more character driven critiques and business advice.

Aside from modeling, Hadid also envisioned the show as a mother-daughter bonding experience. While promoting the show on Instagram, Hadid wrote a note to her Season 1 contestants, noting, "Thank you my beautiful angels for sharing this journey with me and learning to step into your personal power while taking on the relationship building opportunity with your mom." One thing the "relationship building" will certainly entail: drama. All the mother-daughter pairs will live under the same New York City roof for the duration of the show, so you can bet there will conflict, between the daughters, the mothers, and of course, the mothers and their daughters.