Your Guide To Buying The New Kim K Perfumes Since You Can't Smell Them Before Buying

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your phone has Kim Kardashian alerts on it, chances are it has melted into a pile of hot plastic by now. If you haven't heard already, Kim K just launched her KKW Fragrance collection, dropping three gardenia-heavy scents for beauty lovers and perfume enthusiasts to choose from. The choices come in Crystal Gardenia, Gardenia Citrus, and Gardenia Oud, giving you a wide range of notes to play with. If you're wondering why we were blessed with a bundle of three all at once, it wasn't so much a clever hype move, but a case of indecision. Kardashian shared with Allure that she couldn't decide which perfume to release first, so she decided to debut them together.

But now a new predicament arises in which the buyer is now left to decide which scent to buy first. While the perfumes are on the affordable side — with the 30mL option costing $35 and the 75mL choice selling for $60 — not everyone is going to be able to scoop up the whole collection at once. So to help you decide which Crystal Gardenia scent is for you, below is the breakdown of the notes and personalities of each scent. Let's see where you fit in ...


KKW Crystal Gardenia

KKW Crystal Gardenia, $60, KKW Fragrance

Dubbed as a "voluptuous, lush and feminine fragrance," this is the star of the collection and basically Kimmy K personified. If you love nude matte lipstick, body hugging dresses, make-them-weep heels, and are unapologetic about your self-love, then this is for you.

If the above isn't exactly your aesthetic but you're a Kardashian at heart, then this perfume is still your ticket. Its top notes are pink grapefruit and Anjou pear mixed with water lily and gardenia, giving it that light, airy scent. To give it a soft kick, there are base notes of sandalwood, musk, and amber. It's soft and smoldering, just like its creator.


KKW Crystal Gardenia Citrus

KKW Crystal Gardenia Citrus, $60, KKW Fragrance

This is for the early risers and the daily grinders. The ones that like to wake up before their alarm clock even rings, and have an immaculately cataloged planner that has you killing it every week. The Crystal Gardenia Citrus is a bright, floral bouquet that makes you think of that woman in the office that's going to take over your boss's job in about a year or two, just because of her sheer ambition.

This scent takes gardenias and mixes it with Brazilian orange oil and purple passionfruit, giving it a fresh zing and lots of boundless energy — just like you.


KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud

KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud, $60, KKW Fragrance

You're the type of person that always has a vampy, oxblood liquid lipstick rolling around in the bottom of their bag, and orders a vodka water at dinner. You're bold, you never blink first or turn away from a saucy challenge, and you don't mind taking risks — both in the beauty realm and in your personal life. For such an exciting person, an exciting scent is necessary.

Enter Crystal Gardenia Oud, which cocktails lavender, jasmine and a heady red rose with dark scents like oud, patchouli, and amber. It's a strong scent for a strong person.

Whether you're feminine, citrus, or heady doesn't matter — the new KKW Crystal Gardenia line covers all the sides of your personality. Now which one will you choose?