Your Guide To Picking The Best Kim K Heart Perfume For You Since You Can't Smell Before Buying

Make some space on your vanity table, people, because the new KKW Fragrance x Kimoji Heart fragrances are almost here. Putting her glamorous, Versace-personified aesthetic on hold for just a minute, Kardashian is releasing a more playful line of plastic heart perfumes that promise to add a punch of quirkiness to your scent collection. From a baby blue "Bae" bottle, to a pastel pink "BFF" heart, to a lilac purple "Ride or Die" candy spritzer, each of these toy-like options will get you right in the mood for Valentine's Day. But there's one little problem that's annoying perfume enthusiasts and KKW supporters — you can't actually smell any of the scents before buying them. Since they're only available for purchase on the KKW Fragrance website, a lot of people are going to be purchasing without sniffing first. Seeing how personal perfume is, that's a risky buy.

If a scent is just one note off, you might end up feeling like it doesn't represent you. In an effort to help you curb that outcome, ahead is a scent guide of sorts to help you narrow down which option is best for you. Let's see where you fit in.

"Bae" Heart Fragrance

This one is for the person who flawlessly wears athleisure and a smokey eye all at once. The person who walks into a swanky bar with $18 cocktails wearing spandex pants with a slouchy zip-up, accented with heels. You're casual and comfortable but aren't shy when it comes to treating yourself, whether with something shiny in a window display or skipping the pool when it comes to your Lyft.

The Bae scent has top notes of mandarin and kiwi, giving it a zesty and sporty kick, which is then mixed in with a flirty touch of jasmine Sambac and gardenia blossom. Then to smooth it out, it has undertones of vanilla and sandalwood, making it a casual but upscale scent.

"Ride or Die" Heart Fragrance

This is for those who like to smolder. You know exactly who you are. You have more make-em-weep heels in your closet than flats. You aren't afraid to put on a Merlot lipstick in the morning. And you have never batted an eyelid when someone told you to "cover up." You are confident and daring when it comes to work, love, fashion, and life.

"Ride or Die" mimics that strong personality, dabbling with heavy and heady scents. It's a mix of black berry and purple plum, laced with notes of night blooming jasmine and raspberry nectar. The under notes are just as smoky, featuring caramel and tonka beans.

"BFF" Heart Fragrance

This one is for the Charlotte Yorks and Shoshannas out there. It's for the person who picks up a bouquet of peonies for their work desk and orders a glass of white wine when out on a Friday night. You might house your shoes in their original boxes with a Polaroid of them taped to the front, and you're on a first name basis with your dry cleaner. You're feminine and elegant, just like this fragrance.

BFF features flirty top notes of wild berries and star apples balanced out with pink rose petals and pear blossoms. It's then tied together with under notes of vanilla marshmallow and cedar wood contours, making it light, crisp, and feminine.

Each fragrance has a similar equation of using fruits, florals, and candy-like smells, but each one is a little bit different from the other. While each fragrance costs $30 for a 30mL bottle — not making it too expensive of a gamble — hopefully this guide will help you narrow down which fits you best.