Here's Which Kimoji Fragrance You Should Buy Based On Your Personality

Another day, another Kardashian beauty drop. Kim Kardasian's new Kimoji Perfumes are emoji-themed, and they're all about the fruit this time, just in time for the summer. Kardashian is quickly becoming known for her fragrances, but more than that, she has a knack for picking out memorable bottles to leave a lasting impression on her fans. Whether they be beautiful crystal-shaped bottles, imprints of her naked body, or candy hearts in honor of Valentine's Day, the mogul has an eye for presentation.

The newest Kimoji Perfume collection is fruit-scent based, offering up three new scents that revolve around peaches and cream, cherries, and melons.

The Kimoji Peach scent is housed in Kardashian's iconic peach emoji which is dipped in cream, so it's light and sweet. The Kimoji Cherry scent looks similar in style, where she used one stemmed cherry dipped in cream for the bottle, adding the classic fruit note into the collection. Then the third scent is Kimoji Vibes, which is in the shape of a black speech bubble and smells like pineapples and melons.

But what if you see this collection, and don't know which scent is right for you? After all, you can't smell them beforehand. In order to narrow it down, we dissected the different personalities of the perfumes below.

If you're a sweet person — without being too saccharine sweet — then Kimoji Peach is for you. You're the type of person that would buy a cup of coffee for your cubicle buddy or compliment another woman's outfit in the bathroom on a Friday night, but you're not overly cheesy about it. You're inviting and have an aura of niceness about you, but it's not the type of sweetness that involves ribbons and cloyingly sweet candy smells.

That's exactly how Kimoji Peach is — the scent opens up with a fresh nectarine and mandarin smell, followed by velvety hints of peach. Underneath is a light hint of floral, mixing in rose, jasmine petals, and orange blossoms.

Then, to make sure it has a small hint of smoke, the base has sandalwood, creamy vanilla, and musk.

Kimoji Cherry is right up your alley if you have a little bite to you. You're sweet, but you're also just as equally tart. You're the type of person that's more than happy to pay for a round (or three) of cocktails, but you also have a sharp sense of humor and a fast wit, keeping everyone on their toes around you.

Kimoji Cherry is a lot like that, where it's fruity but not overly syrupy. This perfume has high notes of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries, and middle notes of cherry blossoms, gardenia petals, and vanilla.

Then to give it a warm base, whipped vanilla, blonde woods, and musk is added.

Vibes is meant to be a lively, joyful fragrance, meaning it's for the type of person that has an electric personality that pulls in everyone around them. You're just like a magnet, where people just can't help but be drawn to you and hang onto your stories and observations. If there's a party, you're the one by the chip dip, with a small group forming around you. You just can't help it. Vibes is a unisex fragrance that opens up with bright notes of bergamot, mixed in with cheerful notes of melon and pineapple. The middle scents are apple blossoms, peonies, and jasmine, balanced out with cedarwood, amber, and musk.

These new emoji-based perfumes will hit the KKW Fragrance website on July 17 at 3 p.m. EST, so prepare yourself for the drop. If you have been looking for a new fruity scent for the summer, this just might fit the bill.