Which Myers-Briggs Types Are The Most Empathetic? Every Type Has Their Own Way Of Relating To Others

The Myers-Briggs personality test is currently blowing up the Internet. If you never had to sit through an entire high school psychology class on the test, it's an inventory that was pioneered by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs in 1944, based on psychologist Carl Jung's theory of cognitive functions. It divides people into 16 groups with four letters each. Your result will classify you as an "E" extrovert or "I" introvert, "N"intuitive or "S" sensor, "F" feeler or "T" thinker, and "P" perceiver or "J" judger.

Out of the 16, there are certain Myers-Briggs types that are the most empathetic. Many of the "Fs" (people who test as an xxFx) are generally stereotyped as the most conventionally caring. It is true — having so many emotions yourself does make you empathetic — but this isn't saying that not all types can be empathetic. It's a stereotype to say thinkers aren't when we all have it in us to choose our feeling and logic any time.

Never fear if you worry you're an ISTJ or an ENTP — you are able to understand others' experiences too, just in a different way than a lot of the F types. Read on to find out more: