Which NFL Team Did Lauren Cohen Cheer For? The 'Below Deck: Mediterranean' Star Is A Fan For Life

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

If there is one thing you can count on with any installment of the Bravo reality series Below Deck, it's copious amounts of delicious drama. Well, Season 2 of Below Deck: Mediterranean is promising to bring more love triangles and hook-ups than any other season, and I am here for it. With crew members like Lauren Cohen onboard, this is going to be an unmissable voyage. Because before becoming a yachtie, Lauren was actually an NFL cheerleader. So which NFL team did Lauren from Below Deck: Mediterranean cheer for?

Take one look at Lauren's Instagram and the answer to this question will all but smack you in the face. Lauren used to cheer for the Miami Dolphins football team, up until pretty recently. She consistently posts throwback photos from her days on the Dolphins' sidelines and is rightfully very proud and incredibly nostalgic about her time with the organization. Getting chosen for one of those slots isn't easy!

She calls herself a Fort Lauderdale native, which probably made her time as a Dolphins cheerleader even more special. (Hometown pride!) Lauren appears to still be very much involved with the NFL too. She vehemently supports her beloved Miami Dolphins as a fan, even if she isn't cheering for them professionally anymore.

I couldn't help but note that Lauren has a lot of cozy photos with Buffalo Bills player Richard Incognito Jr., who used to play for the Miami Dolphins before he was traded to the Buffalo Bills. The two are obviously close by the pictures they post of each other but there is no official mention of whether they're in a relationship or not. All we can do is speculate wildly about that, and if this recent Instagram post that's captioned "Catch flights, not feelings" tells us anything, it seems like Lauren is a single woman at the moment.

It looks like Lauren is going to be a fun and interesting cast member to watch this season on Below Deck: Mediterranean. With a past career as an NFL cheerleader, she obviously knows how to be disciplined and get down to work. But it's never all-work on Bravo's yachting extravaganza, thank goodness. The fun starts May 2.