These Are The Platforms You Should Buy For A '90s Kick, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Guille Faingold / Stocksy

Life is full of struggles. Ugh don't even get me started. Sometimes even things on the lower end of the importance scale can get you down. Like making wise fashion choices. A lot of people look to star signs to point them in the right direction so why not give it a go when dipping your toe into the latest trends. Like say, platform trainers? Because guys, deciding which platform trainers you should buy based on your star sign is definitely some science I can get behind.

There's no denying that platform trainers are so hot right now. Yes, another blast from the nineties past popularised by mega stars and personal friends the Spice Girls. OK maybe not actually personal friends but let a gal dream for god sake.

The platform trainer provides not only an extra bit of height and some sick steeze but guys: comfort. Is there anything more important in this world than a shoe that affords you elegance minus that stabbing post-heels agony?

Luckily for fans of the sick AF shoes, there are so many options for every occasion and for every desire. And as their popularity increases, so does the difficulty in picking just one pair. Luckily for you, it is already written in the stars which ones to get. Well, kind of.



The gentle and curious Gemini is super adaptable. One of the traits of these air signs is the strong ability to learn quickly. So for that reason, why not have a little bit of a challenge. Let's just say, the sky is the limit here.



Cancerians are water signs so super driven by emotions. Their emotional nature means that they are really in tune with other people's feelings. They are also very imaginative meaning in terms of creativity, they are all for going wild.



The creative and warm hearted Leo is literally all about love. Add to that a passionate nature and you have a sign that is absolutely all heart. Luckily for Leo's you can wear your heart on your shoe as well as your sleeve.



As an earth sign, Virgos are definitely more on the practical side of things. They are very hardworking and value kindness enormously. As they favour a more organised life, footwear that is practical as it is stylish is a must.



Scorpios may be most recognisable as the scorpion with a sting in its tail but they are also some of the best friends around. Very passionate, stubborn, and brave they are best suited to stand out pieces that they will wear with pride.



Sagittarius are famously generous and well loved for their great sense of humour. As a fire sign they really long to be in touch with the world and are keen to get outdoors and explore. So they need a shoe that is not only fun, but ready for action.



Capricorns are extremely disciplined and known as being in control as much as is humanly possible. Which makes them excellent managers, but also at times a little contrary. For this reason, they need to err on the side of more neutral styles so they don't go off their purchase super quick.



Pisceans are true artists. They love all things musical and their gentle nature means that they are in tune with not only their own emotions but others too. Known as the most tolerant of the star signs, they are definitely keen to a broader sense of style.


Whether your decision is driven by the stars, your bank balance, or an outfit that needs completing — make sure you take extra care in sizing as in my personal experience, platforms often come up a bit smaller.