These Shakespeare Creations Get A Second Life In 'Still Star-Crossed'

Jose Haro/ABC

ABC's newest Shonda Rhimes-produced TV series is Still Star-Crossed, which premieres on May 29. Unlike other ShondaLand shows, it doesn't take place in a modern hospital or law school — the drama takes place in the fictional world of William Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet. So which Shakespeare characters are in Still Star-Crossed? There are plenty of familiar names in the show — such as Benvolio, Prince Escalus of Verona, Friar Laurence, and more — so you may need a refresher if the last time you encountered the Montagues and Capulets was in high school English class.

Still Star-Crossed follows the Montague and Capulet family feud after lovers Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet tragically killed themselves and is based on the novel of the same name by Melinda Taub. In the Shakespeare play, the families agree to a truce, but in Still Star-Crossed, that's not the case — Prince Escalus (played by Sterling Sulieman) orders the families to put an end the feud by having Juliet's cousin Rosaline Capulet (Lashana Lynch) marry Romeo's cousin Benvolio Montague (Wade Briggs). Those should all be well-known names to fans of the play, although Rosaline is only mentioned by name in Romeo & Juliet and doesn't have any lines, so it'll be cool to get to know her in Still Star-Crossed.

Jose Haro/ABC

Lady and Lord Capulet (Zuleikha Robinson and Anthony Head), Juliet's parents, are also part of the cast, as well as Romeo's father Lord Montague (Grant Bowler). Count Paris (Torrance Coombs), whom Romeo kills in the play, is alive in Still Star-Crossed and part of the main cast. Friar Lawrence (Dan Hildebrand), who gave Juliet the fateful and fatal potion advice, is part of the series and, according to ABC, he naturally feels a tremendous amount of guilt about Romeo and Juilet's deaths. Even the Capulet's unnamed nurse (played by Susan Wooldridge) is in the show and tending to Count Paris, according to ABC. Rosaline's sister Livia is briefly mentioned in the Shakespeare play and comes to life in Still Star-Crossed, played by Ebonee Noel.

And the course of true love won't run smoothly for these veteran Shakespeare characters in Still Star-Crossed. Last year, executive producer Betsy Beers told Variety that the series will have lots of engaging drama set in 16th century Verona. "... At the core of it, it’s a very emotional, twisty-turny show about romance and relationships and family conflict and battles over territory and you won’t necessarily expect to see what happens," she told the publication.

Sounds like the drama of Romeo & Juliet will continue in a must-watch way in Strill Star-Crossed.