Here's Which 'Vanderpump Rules' Star You Are Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Who else has ever found themselves mid-way through an episode of Vanderpump Rules, wondering how its notoriously dramatic cast manages to feel so absurd and so relatable, all at once? Psychology says you're not alone. In fact, it's possible that you can find out which Vanderpump Rules star you are based on your Myers-Briggs personality type — and you just might share a similar set of psychological preferences. For everyone out there currently wondering what the heck psychological preferences have to do with the bizarre, often booze-fueled antics of the Vanderpump Rules cast, sit tight. We've got to hammer out some logistics first.

One way to get a sense of your own unique set of psychological preferences — if you haven't already — involves an introspective questionnaire called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI), which segments those preferences into 16 different personality types. Those types are segmented into four sub-categories: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers. Those who've taken the survey before probably already know that the MBTI basically analyzes the participant's responses and doles out the name of one of the 16 types. According to the test's most rudimentary theories, these personality types essentially equip every individual (yes, even the stars of Vanderpump Rules) with a unique band of predisposed psychological preferences and behaviors — to a certain extent, at least.

So, for those MBTI newbies, go ahead and take the survey here, if you get a chance. That way, you too can find out which Vanderpump Rules star you are, based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. (Apologies to all the lovely INTJs, INFPs, INTPs and ISTJs, who don't seem to have a personality counterpart on Vanderpump.)

ESTP ("Entrepreneur"): Lala Kent
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Much like notoriously blunt SUR hostess LaLa Kent, if you're an ESTP, that probably means you've got a no-nonsense attitude, a knack for sharp wits, and a penchant for risk-taking that might make some of your friends a little concerned. Regardless, spontaneity — coupled with a mostly good-natured tendency to err on the side of dramatics, rather than caution — is pretty much the ESTP's lifestyle M.O.

Like LaLa, ESTPs often take a pretty impulsive approach to just about everything, which sometimes gets them into trouble. (Remember when LaLa kicked off this year's Vanderpump reunion show with an off-the-cuff comment about her own capacity for oral sex?) In relationships, that generally proves no different for ESTPs. On one hand, their passion and zest for life make them quite appealing as partners (as Vanderpump fans know, in LaLa's case, she's certainly got the "appeal" aspect down). But on the other, ESTPs have a tendency to get caught up in the moment and might neglect potential future consequences in favor of present pleasures.

In social situations, energetic, thrill-seeking ESTPs often command the spotlight, using their wily perceptiveness and straight-shooting humor to charm their peers, as well as any potential love interests. As friends, ESTPs are fiercely loyal and quick to stand up for the people they care about. Perhaps best evidenced by her friendship with fellow SUR staffer James Kennedy, LaLa's brazen loyalty throughout her stint on Vanderpump is easily one of the hostess' best qualities.

ENFJ ("Protagonist"): Jax Taylor
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Comprising just 2 percent of the global population, ENFJs are a pretty rare breed and they like to be appreciated as such. Often referred to as "The Protagonist" in various schools of psychology, innately confident ENFJs tend to position themselves at the center of most every situation, from office politics to social drama.

That certainly seems true of notorious SUR lothario Jax Taylor, who's sort of famous for his near-unparalleled ability to make just about everything about him. In Jax's case, that feels pretty intentional a lot of the time. (Science says that could be indicative of an "unhealthy" ENFJ, whose obsession with control often manifests as manipulation or selfishness in their relationships with others.)

But that's not always the case. In general, ENFJs are the world's charismatic, natural-born leaders with a unique talent for inspiring their listeners. And, while ENFJs' ability to enrapture their peers is definitely a remarkable gift — one that makes them prime candidates for a variety of leadership roles, like politicians, sports coaches, and celebrities, to name a few — it can also be their greatest downfall. Take Jax, for example. His propensity for charming those around him into a blind state of naivety seems to be a running theme amid his long history of schmoozing, cheating, and flat-out lying throughout Vanderpump's five seasons. (And those were only the lies we saw onscreen.)

For all those ENFJs currently feeling some type of way about sharing some foundational psychological leanings with Vanderpump's most infamous womanizer, take a deep breath. Just because you've pinpointed some similarities between your own mental processes and those of Jax Taylor doesn't mean you're just like him.

ISFP ("Adventurer"): Ariana Madix
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As Vanderpump enthusiasts are likely well-aware, seasoned SUR bartender Ariana Madix can be pretty tough to read. Like most ISFPs, that's probably a byproduct of her tendency for introversion, which basically just means she needs alone time to gather her thoughts and recharge.

In pretty much every aspect, ISFPs are nothing if not independent. Colloquially referred to as "The Adventurer," an ISFP marches to the beat of their own drum. Much like Ariana, people with this personality type tend to be incredibly loyal, creative, sensitive and kind.

Their acute — albeit, sometimes quiet — curiosity and perceptiveness make ISFPs excellent friends, especially because their intrinsically autonomous nature renders most Adventurer-types wholly uninterested in controlling the behaviors of those around them. A far cry from the overbearing "leader" types Vanderpump fans are used to. Though, as most viewers will probably tell you, Ariana's ostensibly unique (in the world of SUR, anyway) ability to stay out of conflict, for the most part, usually proves to be a much-needed breath of fresh air.

On the flip side, an ISFP's general distaste for conflict can also lead to a dangerous pattern of avoiding confrontation, even when necessary. Coupled with the super emotional and easily stressed-out ISFP's fluctuating self-esteem, people with this personality type sometimes harbor internal paranoias or insecurities (about any number of things, ranging from the faithfulness of their significant others to their own self-worth) in lieu of openly addressing the situation.

But as Ariana showed us this past season, when an ISFP does open up about those insecurities they've inevitably been holding on to for way, way too long, there's no limit to what they can achieve.

ENTP ("Debater"): Stassi Schroeder
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Shrewd, inquisitive thinkers with a penchant for high-brow discussion, ultra-competitive ENTPs (also called "Debaters") love a challenge — especially ones of the intellectual variety. While acid-tongued former SUR staffer Stassi Schroeder might not care a whole lot about asserting intellectual superiority over her peers, per say, she seems to apply a similar behavioral method to the vast majority of her social interactions.

Stassi's arguably unparalleled ability to have the last word isn't too surprising, given the ENTP's robust combination of creativity, resourcefulness, and razor-sharp interpersonal skills. Plus, of all 16 personality types, argumentative Debaters are, as their name suggests, the most likely to play a never-ending game of devil's advocate. (Even those Vanderpump fans who dislike her would probably have to agree, for all her faults, Stassi has a comeback on-hand for just about everything.)

ENTPs are quick thinkers, and their perceptive insights equip them with a remarkable (and, in Stassi's case, sometimes totally unnerving) knack for figuring out exactly what makes those around them tick. Of course, with great social power comes equally great responsibility. If an ENTP lets their affinity for dominance get the better of them, they're sometimes known to take advantage of that power, throwing out low-blows left and right just because they can. We've seen Stassi do this countless times on Vanderpump, using her talents for reading people to secure the upper hand in a social situation that might seem threatening.

INFJ ("Advocate"): James Kennedy
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The INFJ might be best described as "The Tireless Idealist." As far as personality types go, quiet but perennially determined INFJs are probably one of the most misunderstood. Given the parameters of this particular band of Diplomat, that certainly makes sense. Thoughtful dreamers with a fierce need to see their big-picture goals through to the end, INFJ's often toggle back and forth between introspective musing and enthusiastic, externalized passion.

Take James Kennedy, for example — the former SUR bus boy who's been set on kickstarting a superstar career as a D.J. since he first joined the Vanderpump Rules cast in Season 3. Like most INFJs, James thrives on creativity, originality, and conviction. (Sometimes, to a fault. As fans of the show know all too well, admitting he's wrong is certainly not James' strong suit.)

INFJs are often perceived to the outside world as incredibly confident — in James' case, often to the point of egotistical. But internally, they're deeply emotional, sensitive over-thinkers who don't take criticism very well, mostly because they're highly vulnerable to it. And while INFJs' outward demeanor is usually borne out of some defense mechanism, people with this super uncommon personality type (INFJs only make up about 1 percent of the world's population) should be wary of looking down on others who they feel aren't as complex as they are.

ESFJ ("Consul"): Brittany Cartwright
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Much like Brittany Cartwright, Vanderpump's beloved "girl-next-door" with a twist, ESFJs are exceptionally caring, warm-hearted, and popular people, well-liked by pretty much everyone they meet. While a reputation of that sort is a real rarity on Vanderpump, where most of the series' stars seem much more interested in starting drama than being nice, Kentucky-bred Brittany has managed to maintain her wholesome roots, even in the face of seemingly constant social turmoil.

Brittany was really put through the ringer last year, mostly at the hands of her long-term boyfriend Jax Taylor, whose infamous propensity for infidelity reared its ugly head once again early-on in the show's most recent sixth season. Suffice to say, it seems Brittany's response to the cheating debacle (i.e. forgiving Jax and eventually resuming their relationship) falls closely in line with the foundational tendencies of a bona fide ESFJ.

Like Brittany, ESFJs are chronically concerned with keeping those around them happy. In some senses, that remarkable conscientiousness is part of what makes ESFJs so universally likable. But in others, their endlessly caring disposition puts ESFJs at risk of prioritizing others' needs above their own. As Brittany learned last season, standing up for yourself is just as important as standing up for others. And in Brittany's case, it actually seemed critical to rejigger the pretty objectively unhealthy power dynamics in hers and Jax's relationship.

ENTJ ("Commander"): Lisa Vanderpump
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If you're an ENTJ, then chances are, you probably don't feel quite as intimidated by Lisa Vanderpump's ever-present no-nonsense approach as most people do. Rather, the British restauranteur might be the quintessential role model for similarly strong-willed ENTJs, whose natural tendencies to take over almost any given situation earned them the fitting designation of "Commander."

Bold, imaginative, and unshakably determined, Commanders got their name for a reason — they are leaders, trailblazers, and determined problem-solvers, many of whom embody a sort of "larger than life" persona. Like Lisa, ENTJs are outspoken and assertive, placing the upmost value on efficiency, competence, and, in many cases, power.

On one hand, that makes ENTJs prime candidates for leadership and management roles. As evidenced by any one of Lisa's professional ventures (businesswoman, philanthropist, and television personality, to name just a handful), she certainly lives out the ENTJ's powerhouse qualities to the fullest. But on the other, Commanders' impatience with those whose work ethic doesn't meet their standards can often make them seem ruthless and overwhelming to more sensitive personality types. Remember how frustrated Lisa was with both Tom's last season once they became her "business partners"?

ISFJ ("Defender"): Tom Sandoval
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

The essence of an ISFJ personality type is perhaps most succinctly embodied by its colloquial title: Defender. Supportive, reliable, and extremely loyal, ISFJs use their intrinsically protective nature to defend their loved ones at basically all costs.

This seems true of veteran SUR staffer Tom Sandoval, who's spent a pretty sizable chunk of the show's six seasons advocating for his loves ones' reputations. This tendency is probably most visible in Tom's seemingly unending loyalty to his long-time pal Jax Taylor, even after learning that he'd slept with Tom's then-girlfriend, Kristen Doute. Following the notorious cheating scandal that marred Vanderpump's early seasons, Tom's protectiveness endured, mostly in defense of his proximate relationship with Ariana.

But, as evidenced by Tom's seemingly arbitrary spurts of grouchiness (think: all those times he randomly snaps at Ariana), ISFJs tend to exhibit what others might perceive to be somewhat irrational, or misdirected, frustration. That's probably because sensitive ISFJs feel just as protective over their own feelings as they do their loved ones'. Like Tom, ISFJs don't voice their own needs all that often, which can sometimes breed unnecessary bitterness or passive-aggressiveness on their part.

ISFJs need to feel valued (probably, in part, because of the degree to which they value the needs of those around them), but a lot of times, in order to do that, they've got to learn to value themselves first.

ISTP ("Virtuoso"): Tom Schwartz
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Much like Vanderpump's resident enigma, Tom Schwartz, ISTPs can be a little unpredictable. In part, that's what makes them so lovable, as evidenced by most everyone's inexplicable soft spot for Tom (A.K.A. "Schwartz"), despite his periodically erratic behavior.

Despite the ISTP's natural tendency to come off as quiet and ostensibly reserved, those with this personality type become antsy pretty quickly, giving way to a more impulsive pattern of behavior. A lot of times, the ISTP's quick transition from steady routine to unexpected impulsivity seems a bit alarming to those around them.

In Schwartz's case, that makes sense, since his bursts of so-called "impulsivity" mostly cropped up within the context of his relationship to Katie. As Vanderpump fans will likely have trouble forgetting, Schwartz lashed out a few times in the months leading up to, and following, their eventual wedding, hanging up his "good boyfriend" hat without warning in favor of some booze-fueled nights out. On two occasions, that even led to some above-the-waist (supposedly) adultery, on his part.

But that certainly doesn't mean an ISTP is at the whims of their own penchant for spontaneity. Much like Schwartz, once an ISTP gets a better handle on their aptitude for risk-taking (because that's certainly not always a bad thing!), they're much better able to redirect their repository of impulsive energy toward a more productive avenue, like a professional or creative pursuit.

ESFP ("Entertainer"): Kristen Doute
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Fun-loving, energetic, and spontaneous (sometimes to a fault), extremely social ESFPs are probably most succinctly described by their colloquial title: The Entertainer. For those who've witnessed the ever-changing dynamic of Vanderpump Rules' ensemble cast, it's probably not too difficult to peg fallen SUR staffer Kristen Doute as the series' resident ESFP.

Like Kristen, ESFPs are keen on being the center of attention, even in those moments when perhaps they shouldn't be. Kristen, as Vanderpump fans know all too well, is sort of famous for this. Whether she's canoodling with her BFF's boyfriend (ahem, does everyone remember the calamitous Kristen-Jax hookup from the early seasons?) or simply making a scene, Kristen certainly knows how grab everyone's attention, for better or for worse.

But at their core, people-oriented ENFPs are actually built to thrive in social scenarios. That being said, people with this personality type should be wary of their tendency to neglect real friends and relationships in favor of attention. Being in the spotlight is all well and good, but as Kristen has so clearly demonstrated, that sometimes comes at a pretty hefty cost.

ESTJ ("Executive"): Katie Maloney-Schwartz
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The Executive type, otherwise known as ESTJ, is generally a pretty strong proponent of tradition, order, and morality, in one way or another. If you fall within the ESTJ parameters, that probably means you have a sturdy understanding of your own sense of right vs. wrong, and what is socially acceptable vs. not.

It probably also means you share some fundamental perspectives on life with veteran Vanderpump star Katie Maloney-Schwartz, who's spent a great deal of her time on the show lecturing her friends (as well as her husband, Tom Schwartz) about their morally questionable behavior. Of course, when it came to Tom's periodic adulterous "slip-ups," Katie's berating seemed more than warranted, especially because — like most ESTJs — she values honesty, commitment, and dignity over almost everything else. As most Vanderpump fans would probably have to agree, that's probably a large part of what makes Katie such a good friend and partner.

But the ESTJ's path to righteousness can also be its greatest downfall. Executive types are usually pretty convinced that their perceptions of things (especially issues of morality) are unquestionably correct, which can make the subjects of their lectures feel belittled and unseen. Vanderpump fans watched that very dynamic play out between Katie and Tom over the course of the show's last few seasons.

ENFP ("Campaigner"): Scheana Marie
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Equal parts enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative, ENFPs are free spirits who care a whole lot about the status and strength of the social connections they forge with those around them. As seems to be the case when it comes to SUR staffer Scheana Marie, ENFPs' thirst for meaningful relationships often proves itself a sort of double-edged sword. One one hand, their intuition makes ENFPs incredibly charming and empathetic as both friends and partners. Scheana herself has demonstrated this pretty clearly throughout her time on Vanderpump, periodically — but nonetheless fiercely — stepping up for her friends with some much-needed heart-to-hearts and supportive words of advice.

But on the other, highly emotional ENFPs are sometimes known to take social contentiousness a bit too far. But at the end of the day, ENFPs just want to be appreciated, and their defensiveness kicks in when they feel they aren't. This personality type is a notorious over-thinker, so often times, paranoid ENFPs just need to sit down, take a deep breath, and stop overanalyzing.

Knowing which Myers-Briggs personality type — and which Vanderpump Rules star you also match up with — can give you so much insight into your personality.