Who Are David's Parents On 'Legion'? His Mother & Father Are Forces To Be Reckoned With


Legion has already proven itself to be one of the most interesting and inventive superhero shows of 2017. From David's dangerous powers to his friendship with Syd to his time in Summerland, each episode seems to leave me with more questions as I fall more in love with the characters. But there's a lingering question that's on my mind, and that has to do with David's parents on Legion. We know that in the comics, David is the son of Professor X (played onscreen by Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, respectively.) The show seems to be avoiding confirming this, but that doesn't mean the presence of David's parents isn't felt in his dreams and in each episode. So who are David Haller's parents on Legion? Here's what we know so far.

In the Marvel comics, David's mother is known as Gabrielle Haller. Since she hasn't been focused on too much in the FX series, you probably didn't know she was a Holocaust survivor. She met Charles Xavier, David's father, after he used his telepathy to wake her from a coma. Their love was short-lived, however, and Charles never knew she was pregnant until after they had separated.

Anyway, Gabrielle became a lawyer and worked for the United Nations. It doesn't seem like the show is heading in this direction, but there's also been no mention of David's mom's past yet, even though unlike his dad, she is cast (Tatyana Forrest plays David’s mom in the show, according to IMDB, but there’s been no mention of her past as of yet.)


Actor Dan Stevens hinted that we would soon get some answers about who David's parents are. "The question of his father specifically, that gets very muddy a little later on," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's definitely where we're headed. You want some resolution on that question. Because there's something strange about him being able to see his father, but he can't see his face." Of course, this is director Noah Hawley we're talking about, and it's entirely possible David's parentage will change completely, at least where his mom is concerned. But I can't imagine his dad will be anything but Professor X. Then again....

Because Charles didn't know he had a son until later, David was raised by a man who was killed while trying to save David from a terrorist attack in Paris. This kicked David's insane powers into motion, and allowed him to absorb one of the terrorists' psyches into himself. Is it possible that this is the route that Legion is going to go with David? Maybe his real father isn't Professor X at all.

We've seen how David's mind works, and we're obviously not going to get any information on his parents until he clears the memories of his own mind, which could take awhile. But when we do, I'm looking forward to seeing what we find out.