Morgan Fell With Two Mysteriously Nice Survivors In His ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Debut


Spoilers for the Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere. Cliffhangers don't get much more literal than the one that ended Fear The Walking Dead Season 3, with most of the characters' lives in flux as a dam collapsed around them. But not only has everyone seemingly made it out alive, but they're already threatening a Walking Dead favorite. After months of anticipation, Morgan showed up on the series, meeting new Fear The Walking Dead characters John and Althea and opening up a whole new world both for him and for fans of the spinoff.

Walking Dead fans are familiar with a Morgan standalone story, and that's essentially what this premiere is. First, the new season opens with actor Garret Dillahunt playing maybe the sweetest man this apocalypse has ever met — also a new character to this series. John lives alone, hasn't spoken in a year, offers to make popcorn, and reads romance novels even though he used to prefer movies. What a dream! "What's your story," asks John when Morgan appears in his camp. He's clearly unaware of what a loaded question that really is, considering where Morgan is coming from.

The action then turns back to show what happens right after the The Walking Dead finale. The war is won. Morgan is living alone in the trash heaps. It's a mood, that's for sure. But his friends are trying to lure him back to any version of civilization. "You care about people," says Jesus during a visit. "You should be with them." He's not necessarily talking about Rick Grimes and the rest of the survivors from the original series. He's encouraging Morgan to find his tribe, wherever it may be. Next, Carol visits, with a variation on that theme — "you belong with people who care about you" — talking specifically about her and the others at the Kingdom.


Finally, Rick himself makes the final plea. "You'll end up with people one way or another," he says, reminding him of all the people he has helped and the world that he is still apart of in some way. Are these conversations really happening though? It's a bit theatrical that Morgan was visited by three survivors from three different Walking Dead communities that all took the same seat in front of him to make their case. Maybe they're delusions, or maybe these people are concerned enough for Morgan that they actually do stop by.

Still, after that, Morgan packs his things. Time for a fresh start. Even those battling zombies (and inner demons) on the daily could use a cross-country road trip. Is he just going to walk, like Forest Gump? That's kind of what it looks like. He literally starts running after saying "you know what it is" a couple of times — for Fear fans who don't watch the original series, that's kind of Morgan's catchphrase and no, nobody knows what it means.

Richard Foreman/AMC

After wandering for a bit, Morgan meets John — "John Dorie," he says, "Like the fish but ie, no y." (Seriously, this character is a soft-spoken delight.) The two of them later meet Althea, a solitary journalist played by Maggie Grace, who asks again for Morgan's story. "I lose people and then I lose myself," Morgan ultimately tells Al before trying to leave again. But like, these three recluses are obviously meant to become a little tribe, aren't they?

Unfortunately, these three begrudgingly happy campers are soon beset upon by the original cast of Fear The Walking Dead. The gang is almost all there: Alicia, Strand, Nick, and Luciana. Notably missing is Madison, who washed up separate from the group in a heavily populated area, as well as Daniel Salazar — who is almost always presumed dead on this show. Clearly, some time has passed. The family has clearly gotten it together in terms of working as a team, though ambushing passers-by isn't the nicest course of action.

Will they be friend or foe to Morgan? They haven't made the best first impression, but they could learn a lot from each other. As the story continues, the gaps in the timeline should fill themselves in. The two shows are now officially connected and they need to compare notes.