Rachel's Sisters Have The Bachelorette's Back

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Rodrigo Varela

The final three Bachelorette contestants must jump through a few more hoops before any of them gets to propose. One of the final tests will be meeting bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's family, whose opinion likely holds a great amount of weight to her. Rachel has thus far been cut off from the world, but her family is about to appear and help her out. But, who are Rachel Lindsay's sisters? From The Bachelorette episode promos, it seems her older sister Constance will take lead on questioning the men.

As we've seen from her previous interactions with her fellow Bachelor contestants, Rachel values female friendships, and much of this could stem from her close relationships with her sisters. She frequently posts about both her older and younger sister on her Instagram. If #sisterlylove doesn't make you go aww, then I don't know what does.

In the episode promo teasing the big family meeting, Constance appears to be questioning whether finalist Eric Bigger is ready to get married since he has never been in love before. This will most likely be one of many critical, but oh-so-important questions Constance will have for Rachel's finalists. It's great that her sister cares so much to take this as seriously as she clearly does.

The trope of the skeptical sibling isn't new for The Bachelorette. Family members that doubt the process itself often help a love struck lead ask the right questions. Sometimes protective siblings get it right and sometimes they don't. Remember how Desiree Hartsock's brother called Bachelor Sean Lowe a playboy? Ashley Herbert's sister also had a lot to say about then-suitor now-husband JP Rosenbaum, though she later apologized.

Rachel went into her hometown knowing that her sister would be a difficult judge of the men. Rachel spoke to ABC News about Constance, saying, "She's protective, she's a tough critic and I knew that she would come in there guns a-blazing as she met each man. I knew she was gonna have her questions and her concerns and she wasn't going to let anything they did or said slide."

Her younger sister, Heather, may play a less dominant role in the line of questioning. Rachel's younger sister met Nick Viall with the rest of the family, though she wasn't a featured critical question asker like Constance. Her time on The Bachelor may foreshadow a quieter role on The Bachelorette as well, though we shall see. But, between Constance and Kathy Lindsay, Rachel's mother, there are plenty of Lindsay ladies who will be grilling the men.

Any tough family scrutiny likley comes from a place of love and a desire for Rachel to find happiness. While still recorded on camera, this is the first time The Bachelorette bubble is popped, if only for a moment so that family members can offer outside opinions. So, Rachel will likely get some much needed clarity on these three men before she heads into the home stretch and a ring is on the table. After all, there's no opinion like that of your loved ones.