There Are SO Many Laurens On Arie's 'Bachelor' Season

Craig Sjodin/ABC

I never had to go through the pain of sharing my name with a bunch of other girls in school. That's all thanks to my parents for giving me the world's most old-fashioned name. But that certainly can't be said for many people — your Emmas, Elizabeths, Jennifers, etc. And, now on Arie's Bachelor season there are four Laurens. That's not confusing at all.

According to People magazine — which exclusively broke the news — in January, fans will meet Lauren B., Lauren G., Lauren J., and Lauren S. Yeah, adding to the confusion, there is another Lauren B., not to "B" confused with Lauren Bushnell from Ben Higgins' season. (Ben's season also had lot of Laurens, at three.) The show has always been filled to the brim with Laurens, which makes sense since The Bump claims it's the 319th most-popular name, and peaked in the 80s and 90s, aka when most of these contestants were born. When The Bachelorette rolls around, it always comes with its own name multiples. Ben, Nick, Michael, and James are pretty common for the men, although I can't recall a time when there's ever been four of any one name.

So, since there are FOUR Laurens this year, it's important that we get to know them early on. After all, it's tough enough keeping the contestants straight as it is, this same-name thing is only going to add to the confusion. I can't imagine how Arie handled it. So, may I present, a handy guide to The Bachelor's Laurens, 2017 edition. (Shout out to Reality Steve for helping provide last names for my requisite Instagram snooping.) Of course, this guide isn't complete sine the show hasn't yet aired. We'll learn a lot more about all four Laurens (or as they shall henceforth be known, the Fourens), when The Bachelor 2018 premieres on Jan. 1. For now, here's what you need to know.

Lauren B.

Per People, she's a 25-year-old blonde technology salesperson from Dallas, Texas. Her Instagram shows that she has an adorable dog (seriously, so cute), and she is already a huge fan of love. She shared a photo of one of her friends getting married with this sweet caption: "I've never seen anything more beautiful than the love this bride and her new husband share together. This weekend was truly a fairytale."

Lauren G.

The 26 year old is an executive recruiter, per People, and is from Los Angeles. She's pretty mysterious thus far (even Reality Steve doesn't have her name), but her photo reveals that she likes the color yellow.

Lauren J.

Lauren J. is the oldest Bachelor contestant this season at 33, and she has a Master's degree. Her Instagram also shows that she wants to become a social worker with her degree. She could definitely be a frontrunner for Arie, because she clearly has her life together and is an accomplished woman. Not that the other contestants don't or aren't, but I would keep an eye on this Lauren for sure.

Lauren S.

The final Lauren of the season, she's a social media manager also from Dallas. Hey, maybe she knows Lauren B. who is also from Dallas. They can form a Dallas Laurens Club.

With 29 contestants and four of them Laurens, there's a 14 percent chance that a Lauren will win this season. And, since there are two Rebeccas and two Brittanys (granted, with different spellings), there's a 27 percent chance that Arie's future with will be someone with one of those three names. So, if you're looking for a way to cheat your Bachelor bracket system, you could just slot those eight women in to the top spot and hope the odds are ever in your favor.